Will they ever make another Rush Hour?

Will they ever make another Rush Hour?

It is unlikely for the production to begin anytime soon, especially with the pandemic still present. If the film manages to begin production by early 2021, then we can expect to see Rush Hour 4 around summer 2022.

Is Rush Hour 4 Cancelled?

“Rush Hour 4, we’re all like old men,” Chan told Power 106 LA’s The Cruz Show. Chan and Tucker’s last Rush Hour adventure took place over ten years ago and was followed by a series of the same name on CBS in 2016, starring Justin Hires as Carter and Jon Foo as Lee. After one season, however, CBS cancelled the show.

Is there a Rush Hour 3?

Rush Hour 3 is a 2007 American buddy action comedy film directed by Brett Ratner, written by Jeff Nathanson, and starring Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Max von Sydow, Hiroyuki Sanada, Noémie Lenoir, Yvan Attal and Youki Kudoh.

Is Kevin Hart in Rush Hour 3?

Kevin Hart (Ride Along, Soul Plane, Cheating on His Wife) is at it again with a brand new movie. He’s reported to be co-starring with comedy veteran Chris Tucker (Friday, Rush Hour, Rush Hour 3) in what’s slated to be the loudest movie ever made.

Is Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker friends?

Tucker is good friends with fellow Rush Hour co-star Jackie Chan.

Are Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan friends in real life?

Who is Jackie Chan’s best friend?

Cheung Wing-fat
Cheung Wing-fat (simplified Chinese: 蒋荣发; traditional Chinese: 蔣榮發; pinyin: Jiǎng róng fā), also known as Mars (Chinese: 火星), is a Hong Kong actor, action director, stuntman and martial artist. He is one of Jackie Chan’s best friends.

Did Master Hung Really Die?

Wong Fei-hung (born Wong Sek-cheung with the courtesy name Tat-wun; 9 July 1847 – 17 April 1925) was a Chinese martial artist, physician, and folk hero….

Wong Fei-hung
Died 17 April 1925 (aged 77) Chengxi Fangbian Hospital, Canton, Kwangtung, Republic of China depression, illness
Native name 黃飛鴻

How old is Sammo Hung now?

69 years (January 7, 1952)
หง จินเป่า/อายุ