Will there be an Avatar 2 movie?

Will there be an Avatar 2 movie?

Avatar 2

Why is Avatar 2 taking so long?

Plainly, the major reason for such a long wait for the Avatar sequels is their long pre-production state, a result of Cameron’s commitment to the special effects. Recently, however, Cameron says he’s “cracked the code” on Avatar’s underwater sequences, suggesting why production has now moved ahead.

What will Avatar 2 be about?

Jake Sully y Ney’tiri han formado una familia y hacen todo lo posible por permanecer juntos. Sin embargo, deben abandonar su hogar y explorar las regiones de Pandora cuando una antigua amenaza reaparece.
Avatar 2/Sinopsis de la película

Why was Avatar 2 Cancelled?

Avatar 2 has been delayed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic, James Cameron has confirmed. Unfortunately, due to the impact that the pandemic has had on our schedule it is no longer possible for us to make that date.”

Are they making a after 3?

According to the official trailer, fans in the U.S. will have to wait until September 30, 2021. The news you’ve all been waiting for… Previously, the film’s director, Castille Landon, gave a major update and confirmed that the film will be released in 2021.

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Why did Avatar do so well?

Originally Answered: What makes the movie Avatar so successful? Avatar succeeded due to a few key identifiable factors. First, and most obviously, it was a stunning leap in 3D technology and effects, making for an incredible in-theater experience that was unlike anything people had seen in many years.

Can endgame beat Avatar 2?

Avatar recently beat Avengers: Endgame to become the highest-grossing movie of all time. Avatar is now the highest-grossing movie of all time, worldwide speaking. It recently beat Avengers: Endgame to become no.

What is most expensive movie ever made?

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Most expensive films (adjusted for inflation)

Rank Title Cost (est.) (millions)
1 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides $378.5
2 Avengers: Age of Ultron $365
3 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End $300

Who is the Avatar after Korra?

Jimu, the Avatar after Korra, comes out of hiding after 4 years and realizes how much destruction Shi has caused.

What is the highest grossing movie of all time?

The biggest box office hits of all time

  1. ‘Avatar’ James Cameron’s sci-fi fantasy, “Avatar” ($2,810,779,794), starring Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana, was released in 2009.
  2. ‘Avengers: Endgame’
  3. ‘Titanic’
  4. ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’
  5. ‘Avengers: Infinity War’
  6. ‘Jurassic World’
  7. ‘The Lion King’
  8. ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’

Does Hardin cheat on Tessa?

Hardin is much ruder and controlling in the book, in an almost abusive way, and in the end, it’s revealed that his dare was to take Tessa’s virginity.

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Which book does Tessa get pregnant?

What book does Tessa get pregnant? (Six years later) Tessa pregnant with Hessa #2, Hardin is a parent : Tessa is pregnant, this time with a boy!

What is the No 1 movie in the world?

All Time Worldwide Box Office

Rank Year Movie
1 2009 Avatar
2 2019 Avengers: Endgame
3 1997 Titanic
4 2015 Star Wars Ep. VII: The Force Awakens

What movie has the highest kill count?

15 Horror Movies With The Most Kills, Ranked

  1. 1 Final Destination (2000) – 292 Kills.
  2. 2 Brightburn (2019) – 274 Kills.
  3. 3 Planet Terror (2007) – 250+ Kills.
  4. 4 Dawn of the Dead (2004) – 140+ Kills.
  5. 5 The First Purge (2018) – 130+ Kills.
  6. 6 From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) – 120+ Kills.
  7. 7 The Invisible Man (1933) – 105+ Kills.


Avatar 2 has been delayed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic, James Cameron has confirmed. In a statement, Cameron said: “Due to Covid-19, we were forced into an unexpected lengthy delay in starting the live action filming we are currently doing in New Zealand.

It’s more of a family saga about the struggle with the humans. The one thing we do know about Avatar 2 is that the story will be focused around the oceans of the planet Pandora, and what details we have about new characters would appear to confirm that much.

Yes! That’s the good news. After 3 is happening. It’s titled After We Fell, and it’s based on the book of the same name by Anna Todd.

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Top Lifetime Grosses

Rank Title Lifetime Gross
1 Avatar $2,847,246,203
2 Avengers: Endgame $2,797,501,328
3 Titanic $2,201,647,264
4 Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens $2,069,521,700

When is the release date for Avatar 2?

1 Avatar 2: December 17, 2021 to December 16, 2022 2 Avatar 3: December 22, 2023 to December 20, 2024 3 Avatar 4: December 19, 2025 to December 18, 2026 4 Avatar 5: December 27, 2027 to Dece

Is there going to be a new Avatar movie?

New movies 2020: what’s coming out? Avatar 2 is now 100% finished, and Avatar 3 is “sort of” 95% done, (via Deadline ). In a video chat from New Zealand in September 2020, Cameron said “We’re 100% complete on Avatar 2 and sort of 95% complete on Avatar 3,” with his team currently cracking on with outstanding live-action work.

When did the first Avatar movie come out?

In other words, there are now four Avatar movies in the pipeline, and they’ve even given us release dates. So it will take over a decade from the release of the first Avatar film (which was released in 2009 and took in $2.7 billion globally) to get us that initial sequel.

Why did they stop production on Avatar 2?

The latest news is that the Avatar movies sequels have halted production in New Zealand. This is all due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and comes via Variety who report that the James Cameron -helmed sequels have stopped “until further notice”. The trade says that the source is the New Zealand Film Commission who confirmed a postponement.