Will there be a safe house 2?

Will there be a safe house 2?

Safe House 2 is currently in development it has been revealed. Safe House made $200 million worldwide in it’s release earlier this year so it is no wonder that a sequel is in the makings.

Is safe house based on a true story?

But no, this is “based on a true story”, The Feather Men, by British adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes. His since-discredited book claimed British soldiers who served in Oman were later assassinated.

Does Frost die in Safe House?

Frost was correct about the mercenaries coming from someone inside the CIA. That someone is Barlow, who knows that there is ruinous information about him on that microchip. Back at the safe house, Weston wakes up after passing out from his injuries. Frost is gone and Barlow is now by his side.

Is there another movie after Safe House?

Follow-up to the 2012 action thriller “Safe House”. Follow-up to the 2012 action thriller “Safe House”.

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When did the movie Safe House come out?

The film was released on February 10, 2012, in North America by Universal Pictures. Filming took place in Cape Town, South Africa. The film premiered in New York City on February 7, 2012, and was released in US theaters on February 10, 2012.

What happens at the end of safe house?

When the safe house is attacked by mercenaries who kill almost all the operatives, Weston flees with Frost in his charge, and they end up on the run. As the team of killers, who seem to be one step ahead of the pair, track them throughout Cape Town, Weston begins to wonder who to trust.

Who are the mercenaries in the movie Safe House?

The mercenaries, led by Vargas, attack the safe house and kill Kiefer and his team. Weston escapes with Frost.

What happens to frost in the movie Safe House?

Frost flees and, out of options, surrenders to the American consulate. A team led by veteran Daniel Kiefer transfers Frost to Weston’s safe house in order to interrogate him for intelligence before he is returned to the US.