Why was Waterworld so bad?

Why was Waterworld so bad?

Waterworld received mixed reviews when it was released, earning praise for its futuristic setting and premise but criticism for its characters and acting performances. However, the filmed gained noteriety for its runaway production costs, causing it to be the most expensive film ever made at the time.

Did they make a Waterworld 2?

YEP! Still there. So clearly, the pricey adventure movie paid off over time. Now, producer John Davis (“Predator”) and producing partner John Fox have inked a deal to bring “Waterworld 2” to the small screen.

Why did they never make a Waterworld 2?

The movie was one of the last major blockbusters to largely eschew CGI in favor of practical effects. Unfortunately, the strain of filming a movie on the water caused it to go over budget and Waterworld director Kevin Reynolds eventually quit, leading to Costner taking his place towards the end of production.

How much money did the movie Waterworld make?

Worldwide, the $120 million production has already made upwards of $165 million, and with many weeks left before the movie trickles out of theaters, it’s likely to make Fox a tidy profit, even after the company’s marketing spend is taken into account.

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What was the box office reception for Waterworld?

Waterworld ’s relatively middling reception was the beginning of the end for Kevin Costner as a “butts in the seats” box office draw.

When did the movie Waterworld with Kevin Costner come out?

It was 1995. The film’s star Kevin Costner would remember it well, but he’d probably rather forget it. The movie flopped so badly, all these years later Waterworld is still considered one of Hollywood’s biggest cinema follies.

Is the movie Waterworld really a bomb?

Waterworld is not a bomb, but rather a mere disappointment in relation to unintentionally massive cost. But it still sunk Kevin Costner’s career as a viable movie star.