Why was Scrooge so concerned about money?

Why was Scrooge so concerned about money?

In short, Belle thinks Scrooge has become too obsessed with money because he is fearful of what the world will do to him should be become poor. He is driven by a negative emotion, fear, that has erased all his positive feelings and made him single-minded in his pursuit of wealth. mwestwood, M.A.

How does Scrooge spend his money?

Spend Your Money on What Matters to You He spends it on nothing—not even himself. The thing is, though, Scrooge doesn’t spend any money on himself, either. He lives in the house Marley used to live, he lights only one room in the house, and his Christmas Eve dinner is a bowl of gruel.

Is Bob Cratchit rich?

His scathing view on life contrasts sharply with the bright perspective of his peasant clerk. Although poor financially, Bob Cratchit is actually quite rich with regard to relationships with his family members.

How is Scrooge poor?

Poverty is represented by the character Cratchit who is Scrooge’s clerk. He symbolises their two classes through the motif of coal. Scrooge gets as much coal as he likes and gets the bucket to “top it up,” but Cratchit only gets “one piece” and daren’t ask for another in case he gets fired.

Does Scrooge care about money?

All Scrooge cares about is making money. We are told that Scrooge is colder at heart than the winter weather. We first meet Scrooge on Christmas Eve. He is at work and it is very cold and foggy.

Is Scrooge a bad person?

In the first stave of the story, Scrooge is presented as being universally bad. He is anti-social, anti-charity, and anti-Christmas. Arguably, the only good aspect of Scrooge’s character initially is his belief in working hard.

Where did Mr Scrooge spend most of his childhood?

Mr. Scrooge reports that he spent most of his childhood in boarding school. He was often isolated and forgotten by his family. He felt and still believes that his father did not care much for him. He states the only relative that paid much attention to him was his sister, Fan. She was the mother of Fred, and is now deceased. Mr.

Why does Scrooge care about the fate of Tiny Tim?

This interest is further developed in the next stave when Scrooge sees a glimpse of the future in which Tiny Tim does not survive. Scrooge realises that if someone like Tim, who is so disadvantaged and deprived, can care for those around him, then everyone ought to behave in the same way.

What kind of problems does Scrooge have in A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge does not appear to be a danger to himself or others. Axis IV – Psychosocial and Environmental Problems: Stress related to holidays, lack of friends and family support system, and what appears to have been a brief psychotic episode. A Christmas Carol Picture Scramble – Oh, a wonderful pudding!

Who was Scrooges business partner at Marley’s funeral?

We learn that Jacob Marley was Scrooge’s business partner but has been dead for seven years. Scrooge was the only person at Marley’s funeral but immediately after it he went back to work. Scrooge hasn’t painted out Marley’s name on the sign and doesn’t care if that causes confusion. All Scrooge cares about is making money.