Why Parquet Flooring Is Integral Part For Home Decorating?

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Parquet Flooring is a popular choice of flooring material for homeowners considering their future home renovation. Parquets are made from recycled glass and other materials that have been reclaimed from commercial buildings, warehouses, and furniture manufacturing plants. Parquet floors add an elegant touch to any home and have become a very popular design choice. Parquets are manufactured in many different styles and colors, and it is possible to design your home with just about any look you desire.

Parquet Flooring made to fit in exact dimensions

Most of the parquets made today are made to fit the exact dimensions of the room they are to be installed in. They are measured by size and then matched to the exact room plan before being installed. Many people who choose to install parquets in their homes prefer the look of granite, but parquets made of other materials can also be just as pleasing. The main benefit of parquet flooring is that it requires virtually no maintenance at all. These parquets have very tight weave ropes, which can resist dirt and debris so that parquets made of this material will continue to look beautiful for years.

Different Types of Parquet flooring

  • Most parquets are available in three-foot, four-foot, and five-foot widths. Some large parquets can be installed in larger rooms, up to six feet wide, and even ceilings. This extra-large size is sometimes required for large rooms with more than one parquet. In addition, if you have a larger parquet floor in your home, some dealers will even allow you to purchase custom-sized parquet flooring, saving you time and money.
  • The parquet flooring is made from individual fibers or wood, and these fibers are bonded together using an epoxy resin. Each fiber will have a unique pattern that is bonded to the board. If you choose a parquet with a single board, each board will have its own individual grain that shows through the finish. This gives your parquet a unique look. Many people choose this parquet flooring because of its beautiful design and the way it resists dirt and debris better than most types of floors.
  • When choosing your new flooring, consider the different ways the material will enhance your home’s architecture. If you have a room with a mission style, choose a parquet with a darker color and a distressed finish. This will give your home a southwestern or Native American style. In your dining room, choose a lighter-colored parquet with a clean finish and no distressed edges. You can also choose dark wood-like parquets in a wenge finish to give your room a very rich and elegant look.
  • If you have a room that is designed with an Asian theme, there are many types of parquets available. There are Asian scroll parquets that are designed as scroll work on the boards while others are made like a traditional Chinese four-poster parquet. Other styles of parquets include American Indian parquets, which are made from thick hardwood with a unique tribal design, and Bali parquets, which are made from the hard wood from Bali trees. The exotic types of parquets available today are great for giving your home an exotic look.
  • Your new parquet flooring is also very easy to care for. As long as you wipe the floor every few days to remove any dust and dirt, you’ll never have a problem with this type of parquet. Many manufacturers will offer an easy care kit that is included in the price of the parquet, so if you know you’ll be playing with it a lot you might consider getting a larger kit. Many people who are just beginning to collect parquets will find that the maintenance process is not that difficult once they get the hang of it.

Final words

In summary, parquet flooring is a great choice for almost any home. It can give your home a look that no other type of surface can give. With parquets you can choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and types of wood. They can also last for many years if you take good care of them. With proper care you can expect your parquet to be in your house for at least three or four decades.