Why is it significant that Homer Barron is a construction foreman and northerner?

Why is it significant that Homer Barron is a construction foreman and northerner?

Symbolically, Homer Barron represents northern industry following the Civil War, which expanded their businesses to the south after the Union victory. Essentially, the Jeffersonians view Homer Barron as a carpetbagger who does not deserve to court Miss Emily Grierson.

Who is Homer Barron and what is his significance to the short story A Rose for Emily?

Homer Barron A foreman from the North. Homer is a large man with a dark complexion, a booming voice, and light-colored eyes. A gruff and demanding boss, he wins many admirers in Jefferson because of his gregarious nature and good sense of humor.

What is the significance of Homer Barron’s name?

Homer Barron, too, is a symbol of the idea that Northern influences were coming into the town of Jefferson, and the Southern ideal was changing. He comes to pave the sidewalks, a sign of modernity in a town that simultaneously wanted to move forward and still maintain a social ideal.

What role does Homer Barron play in the story is there anything ironic about a match between him and Miss Emily?

Is there anything ironic about a match between him and Miss Emily? Homer Barron plays the newcomer to town who Miss Emily succeeds with in her ruesome plans for him. The irony in their relationship is that they are from different regions, which did not have a good relationship back then, because of the Civil War.

How did Emily meet Homer Barron?

Homer and Miss Emily meet when Homer comes to town to work on the sidewalks with the construction company. Although we are not privy to the exact moment the two meet, we know that “soon he knew everybody in town” and therefore is a friendly and personable man.

Why was Homer Barron gay in a rose for Emily?

It was mentioned somewhere that he was seeking revenge on a “Homer Barron” in his life, that harmed a friend of his which is why he made him gay in the story. I just cant find any information to back it up. any help?

Why did the townspeople distrust homer in a rose for Emily?

Some townspeople distrust him because he is both a Northerner and day laborer, and his Sunday outings with Emily are in many ways scandalous, because the townspeople regard Emily—despite her eccentricities—as being from a higher social class. Homer’s failure to properly court and marry Emily prompts speculation and suspicion.

What happens to Homer Barron in the Great Gatsby?

Ultimately, gay, straight, or otherwise, Homer Barron ends up absolutely dead! At the beginning of Part IV of the story, the townspeople remark that Emily will marry Homer Barron. Faulkner writes, “Then we said, “She will persuade him yet.”

Why did Homer say that Emily would marry him?

The text reads exactly as follows: “When she had first begun to be seen with Homer Barron, we said, ‘She will marry him.’ Then we said, ‘She will persuade him yet,’ because Homer had remarked–he liked men, and it was known that he drank with the younger men in the Elks’ Club–that he was not a marrying man.”