Why is Hitch PG-13?

Why is Hitch PG-13?

The MPAA rated Hitch PG-13 for language and some strong sexual references.

What age rating is Hitch?

Enjoyable Will Smith romcom has some cursing, PG-13. 2005. 115 minutes.

What is my trailer hitch rating?

Your can find your hitch ball rating on the top of the ball, or around the base of the shank.

How does Hitch app work?

The Hitch app isn’t that different from Uber or Lyft in that you open the app to request a ride and a car comes to pick you up. When you request a ride, rather than telling the app where to pick you up, you tell it where to drop you off. (The app uses GPS to determine your starting point.)

Does towing capacity include hitch weight?

Tongue/Hitch Weight – The weight/pressure applied from the trailer tongue/coupler to the conventional/bumper hitch on your vehicle. Max Towing Capacity – The maximum weight limit that can safely be towed by your specific vehicle.

How does a class rating for a hitch work?

Hitch Class Ratings The load of the trailer and maximum tongue weight categorizes hitch ratings and different weight categories are divided into classes. Hitch construction and mounting determines the gross trailer weight a hitch is rated for, and thereby its class rating.

What’s the weight of a Class IV hitch?

Class IV hitches usually feature weight distribution setups. Class V hitches are for loads up to 15,000 pounds and up to 1,700 pounds of tongue weight. These hitches are for heavy-duty loads such as large campers, large boats, horse trailers, multi-car trailers, and other heavier towing loads.

What are the different types of trailer hitches?

What is a Class I Trailer Hitch? A Class I trailer hitch is the lightweight champion of the 5 available classes, making it perfect for small loads like kayaks or cargo carriers. These hitches are most often found on passenger cars and smaller SUVs. Class I and Class II trailer hitches typically have a 1-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ receiver opening.

How to choose the right hitch for your vehicle?

To select the right hitch for your vehicle: 1. Check the towing capacity of you tow vehicle. 2. Determine the gross trailer weight (GTW) of your tow item. 3. Select the class of hitch rated for you vehicle. Hitch Ratings Chart