Why is hi how are you unfinished?

Why is hi how are you unfinished?

Hi, How Are You: The Unfinished Album, commonly referred to as simply Hi, How Are You, is the sixth self-released music cassette album by singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston, recorded in September 1983. Johnston claimed that he recorded it during a nervous breakdown, and called this his “unfinished album.”

Is Daniel Johnson dead?

Deceased (1961–2019)
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Was Daniel Johnston a schizophrenic?

He was the subject of a 2005 documentary, “The Devil and Daniel Johnston.” Starting In 1988, and into the early ’90s during the recording of his first studio produced albums, Johnston’s mental health suffered, and he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

What disease did Daniel Johnston?

Johnston spent extended periods in psychiatric institutions and was diagnosed with schizophrenia as well as bipolar disorder. He gathered a local following in the 1980s by passing out tapes of his music while working at a McDonald’s in Austin, Texas.

How old is Daniel Johnston?

58 years (1961–2019)
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What did Daniel Johnston died of?

September 11, 2019
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Did Daniel kill himself?

What happened to Laurie Daniel Johnston?

On September 11, 2019, Johnston was found dead from a suspected heart attack at his home in Waller, Texas, a day after he was released from the hospital for unspecified kidney problems. It is believed that he died overnight.

What Killed Daniel Johnston?

Heart attack
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Is Daniel Johnston on the spectrum?

Most of his work consisted of cassettes recorded alone in his home, and his music was frequently cited for its “pure” and “childlike” qualities. Johnston spent extended periods in psychiatric institutions and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

What kind of TV shows did Don Johnson star in?

Johnson starred in four failed TV pilots before landing his career-high role on “Miami Vice”, which propelled him to superstardom. He directed four highly praised episodes of the show.

Who are some famous people that Don Johnson worked with?

His film work has given Johnson the opportunity to work with legendary filmmakers like John Frankenheimer, Sidney Lumet and Dennis Hopper. After working steadily, Johnson returned to TV in 1996 with the cop show Nash Bridges (1996).

Who are the artists Daniel Johnston has covered?

The first disc featured covers of his songs by artists including Tom Waits, Beck, TV on the Radio, Jad Fair, Eels, Bright Eyes, Calvin Johnson, Death Cab for Cutie, Sparklehorse, Mercury Rev, The Flaming Lips and Starlight Mints, with the second disc featuring Johnston’s original recordings of the songs.

When did Johnston, the Devil and Daniel Johnston come out?

In 2006, Jeff Feuerzeig released a documentary about Johnston, The Devil and Daniel Johnston; the film, four years in the making, collated some of the vast amount of recorded material Johnston (and in some case, others) had produced over the years to portray his life and music.