Why is Chapter 10 called the substance of the shadow?

Why is Chapter 10 called the substance of the shadow?

The Doctor, in his despair, cursed the Evremonde family forever, and in this way also served as a denouncer of Charles, despite the fact that he had no idea that Charles was an Evremonde until the morning of Charles’s wedding to his daughter Lucie. This revelation thus gave substance to the shadow of these secrets.

What is the brother’s dying wish a tale of two cities?

One of the brothers stabbed him, mortally wounding him. As the peasant man died, he cursed the brothers and their family line, signaling the curse with a cross of blood.

What happened to Dr Manette’s letter?

Doctor Manette then personally delivered the letter and that night was kidnapped and secretly jailed by the Evrémonde brothers, who had seen his letter. At the end of his narrative, the Doctor denounced the Evrémonde family.

Why does Dr Manette write the letter?

Defarge explains that Dr. Manette wrote the letter while in the Bastille to explain how he ended up in prison. The letter tells the story of Manette’s imprisonment. The twin Evrémonde brothers epitomize the selfishness and cruelty of aristocratic power.

What happens in Chapter 3 of A Tale of Two Cities?

Summary: Chapter 3: The Shadow Fearing that Lucie and Manette’s presence might compromise the bank’s business, Lorry ushers Lucie, her daughter, and Miss Pross to a nearby lodging. He leaves Jerry Cruncher to guard them.

Where does Lucie stand in A Tale of Two Cities?

For two hours every day, Lucie stands in the area visible from this window. A wood-sawyer who works nearby talks with Lucie while she waits, pretending that his saw is a guillotine (it bears the inscription “Little Sainte Guillotine”) and that each piece of wood that he cuts is the head of a prisoner.

What does Carton say at the end of Tale of Two cities?

Near the end of A Tale of Two Cities, Carton remembers a Christian prayer: “I am the resurrection and the life.”

What does lorry tell Jerry in Tale of Two cities?

Lorry tells Jerry to return to the bank with the message, “Recalled to Life.” Once Lorry arrives at Dover, he finds Lucie Manette, a young orphan whose father is supposed dead. However, he has been discovered in France. Lorry is to escort Lucie to Paris.