Why does Walter put on a show for Mr Lindner?

Why does Walter put on a show for Mr Lindner?

He is going to make Lindner apologize to Mama. He wants to show Lindner that his family is no different than those in Clybourne Park. The correct answer is: He’s going to make a deal with Lindner.

Why does Walter reject Lindner’s offer?

He struggles to attain a sense of dignity and sees his family as others might – – poor, powerless and stuck that way. Thus, when Walter rejects Lindner’s offer in the end, he is asserting a positive sense of dignity and rejecting more than just a buy-out.

Why does Walter change his mind?

Why does Walter change his mind? Walter changes his mind because he can’t tell his son see him lower himself.

How does Mr Lindner refer to the Youngers?

Mr. Lindner tells the Youngers that the association is prepared to offer them more money than they are to pay for the house in exchange for not moving to Clybourne Park.

Why does Walter refuse Lindner’s offer to buy the house back from them at a profit?

Walter’s refusal here comes as something of a surprise, since it requires him to shift his priorities. Whereas earlier his desire for money trumps others’ needs, he now focuses all of his energy on family.

What made Walter change his mind about taking the money?

Lindner with “sudden intensity” and begin to stand up for himself. Therefore Walter’s decision to reject the money is a symbol of his maturity and becoming a “man,” the man of the household that his father was.

What character causes Walter to change his mind at the end?

Mama tells Walter to deal with Mr. Lindner, who is laying out contracts for Walter to sign. Walter starts hesitantly, but soon we see that he has changed his mind about taking Mr. Lindner’s money.

How does Mr Lindner attempt to mask what he is really trying to say?

Lindner believes that he is actually helping the Youngers by persuading them to move out of the neighborhood since they and black and does not fit into the white society. He tries to justify what he is saying by offering milder explanations as to why the Younger’s really shouldn’t move into Clybourne Park.

What does Walter say to Mr Lindner?

Calling Travis to him, Walter stands proudly behind his son and tells Lindner that Travis “makes the sixth generation of our family in this country.” Walter reaches the climax of his speech, telling Lindner, “We have decided to move into our house because my father – my father – he earned it for us brick by brick.” …

What is Mr. Lindner actually there to do?

Who is Karl Lindner, and why did he visit the Younger’s house? Karl Lindner is a representative of the Welcoming Committee from Clybourne Park, the Younger’s new home. He visits them to ask them to not move into the neighborhood.