Why does Scrooge only care about money?

Why does Scrooge only care about money?

Scrooge believes that only monetary riches can bring true happiness. Fred ironically points out this flaw in reasoning when he says to his uncle, “What right have you to be dismal? . . . You’re rich enough” (1360).

Is money important to Scrooge?

At the beginning of the story, Scrooge was a greedy man who loved money. His goal in life was to make money and keep it. Most beggars would not ask Scrooge for money because they knew he was not a charitable man.

What does Scrooge care about?

For Scrooge, this is a turning point in his life: he realizes that if Tiny Tim really dies, all that is good in the world will die with him. This inspires Scrooge to care about Tim’s fate and, in the closing lines of stave five, we learn that Scrooge becomes a “second father” to Tim.

Did Scrooge go to Marley’s funeral?

Scrooge was the only person at Marley’s funeral but immediately after it he went back to work. We first meet Scrooge on Christmas Eve. He is at work and it is very cold and foggy.

Why is Scrooge scared of being poor?

Scrooge is apathetic about the plight of the poor. He believes that his taxes pay for the prisons and workhouses, so he doesn’t feel the needs to donate anything to charity. Scrooge knows that poverty is awful, but his fear has made him selfish towards those in need.

Why does Scrooge care about Marley’s death?

Dickens makes it very clear to us that Scrooge cares only about making money and doesn’t have any friends; in fact even guide dogs avoid him. Scrooge was the only person directly affected by Marley’s death but hasn’t let this upset him at all.

Why is Scrooge not a danger to himself or others?

Mr. Scrooge does not appear to be a danger to himself or others. Axis IV – Psychosocial and Environmental Problems: Stress related to holidays, lack of friends and family support system, and what appears to have been a brief psychotic episode. We present this list of characters from A Christmas Carol.

How does Scrooge change in the beginning of A Christmas Carol?

In the beginning of the novel, Scrooge lives by himself, cuts himself off from other people, rebuffs overtures from his nephew to visit for Christmas, and cares only about money. He is hardhearted and resents being asked to help the poor. He even resents giving his clerk a half day off for Christmas.

What kind of home does Scrooge live in?

A home has connotations of safety, warmth, relaxation and comfort. It is typically where people return to after a hard day’s work. However, Scrooge’s “home,” is a place of business suggesting that it’s devoid of the typical things a home gives its occupant. Furthermore, his home is described as being surrounded by a bleak, dark atmosphere.