Why does Mrs Cratchit become angry and upset when Bob Cratchit toasts Mr Scrooge?

Why does Mrs Cratchit become angry and upset when Bob Cratchit toasts Mr Scrooge?

Mrs. Cratchit has a lot of resentment toward Scrooge, whom she sees as responsible for her family’s financial struggles. Bob Cratchit, however, is still trying to find the bright side where he can, thus he is grateful for the meager “feast” they have as a result of his small salary working for Mr. Scrooge.

What does Bob Cratchit want to control?

In A Christmas Carol, Bob Cratchit wants to control having more time and resources for his family. He would especially like to have the control over his life to afford the medical care that Tiny Tim needs.

Why is Bob Cratchit so upset?

He cries openly when his son Tiny Tim is dead. The repetition of ‘little’ adds to the sad effect of Bob’s cry. We feel sympathy for him at this point. He is afraid of Scrooge’s reaction when he arrives late to work after Christmas Day. Bob ‘pleaded’ which shows he is worried about being punished by Scrooge.

Why would Mrs Cratchit not want to toast to Mr Scrooge?

You’ll notice that Mrs. Cratchit uses a metaphor here to reinforce her sense of anger towards Scrooge in which she compares her anger to Christmas food. She clearly harbors a lot of resentment towards Scrooge, feeling that he does not adequately support her husband.

How much does Bob Cratchit get paid?

“Bob Cratchit was paid, according to ‘A Christmas Carol,’ 15 shillings a week. The average clerk in an accounting house was paid 11 shillings, 6 pence a week.”

What does Bob Cratchit toast?

Expert Answers When the family draws around the fire, Bob raises his glass and says, “A Merry Christmas to us all, my dears. God bless us!” Then, he toasts, “Mr. Scrooge!…

Why does Bob Cratchit drink a toast to Scrooge even though everybody hates him?

He refuses to speak poorly of his employer, preferring to toast Scrooge for providing the wages that paid for the family’s modest Christmas feast. When he can’t find anything good to say and can’t contradict his wife’s hard words, he says nothing at all, focusing instead on it being Christmas Day.

Who is the oldest Cratchit child?

The eldest is Martha, who is old enough to have a job as an apprentice to a milliner. She comes home late from work for Christmas dinner and her mother frets about the time. The second oldest daughter is Belinda. The oldest son is Peter.