Why does Gene decide to tell Finny the truth?

Why does Gene decide to tell Finny the truth?

Finny says that something made him lose his balance and that he looked over to Gene to see if he could reach him. Gene realizes that if the roles were reversed, Finny would tell him the truth about his possible involvement. He rises quickly and tells Finny that he has something terrible to say to him.

What does Gene tell Finny and Brinker about leper?

Gene returns to Devon from Leper’s house and finds Finny in the midst of a snowball fight, which he has organized. Brinker comes to visit Gene and Finny in their room and asks about Leper. Gene tells him that Leper has changed dramatically and that he has deserted the army.

What does Gene say about Brinker as he tries?

What does Gene say about Brinker as he tries to spare Leper’s feelings when the gang meets him after railroad work is done? He says Brinker “couldn’t be put off with half a story.”

Why did Gene only want to see Phineas?

He ran away and left Leper alone. Why did Gene want to only see Phineas? Only Phineas was removed from the war– a safe harbour for Gene. He was talking about Phineas and Leper and their inability to go fight for the duration of the war, school, life.

Why does Leper call Gene a savage?

Leper declares that Gene pushed Finny out of the tree, because Gene is “a savage underneath.” Embarrassed, confused, Gene imagines Leper’s protective mother judging him in flattering terms, despite his angry attack on her son — as “a good boy underneath,” rather than “a savage underneath.”

What is the cleanest vision of war Gene had ever seen?

To Leper it revealed what all of us were seeking: a recognizable and friendly face to the war…. It was the cleanest image of war I had ever seen… Gene explains how he and his friends reacted to the film of ski troops.

Why did Leper leave Devon?

Expert Answers Leper goes AWOL (away without leave) before the army discharges him as a “Section Eight”, signifying that he is unfit for service due to mental illness. Going AWOL is a serious offense, but Leper does not want to be branded as a mental case for the rest of his life.

Why didnt gene cry when Finny died?

Although he is overwhelmed by the news of Finny’s death, Gene does not cry, not even at the funeral, because he feels as if it is actually his own funeral. The events following the second fall emphasize the separation between the roommates now that Finny knows Gene’s responsibility in the original accident.

Why does Gene tip lepers chair over?

Why does Gene tip Leper’s chair over? He says Gene was a savage by pushing Finny out the tree. Because Gene got mad at him.

What does gene tell Finny and Brinker about Leper?

What does gene notice about Leper?

When Gene jokes and lightly teases him, Leper’s response is angry, then despairing. Leper has changed, Gene sees, and he begins to understand that his friend has become mentally unbalanced. The “escape,” Leper explains, was from the Army and a section-eight discharge that would have labeled him a “psycho.”

Why does gene have a lot of sympathy for Leper?

Expert Answers At the beginning, he is mildly amused by Leper and all of his nerdish ways; he tolerates Leper, is kind to him to a certain degree, and even defends him against bullying on occasion. He feels sorry for Leper because he is such a nerd, and pities him.

Why is Gene so upset and angry?

Why do you think Gene is so upset & angry? Answer: Gene is upset because Leper sees who he really is, lies, thinks more of himself than he should.

How did Finny find out about leper in the Outsiders?

When Brinker visits the boys’ room to ask about Leper, Gene answers that Leper is “Absent Without Leave.” Finny assumes that Leper has grown tired of the army, but Brinker sees the truth at once, declaring that now two students from the class are out of the war, the second being the injured Finny.

How is Finny’s testimony different from gene’s?

Finny’s testimony, for example, emerges as a muddled mass of conflicting and false memories about Gene’s position near (or in) the tree. At one point, Finny even suggests that the tree itself shook him from the limb — a strangely magical notion that would leave Gene entirely guiltless.

What did Brinker say to gene after chapel?

One morning after chapel, Brinker tells Gene that his failure to enlist comes from pity for Finny. He also says that Gene should put the accident in the past by seeing all the details come to light. Brinker hints darkly that Gene knows what he means.

Who was the only person to know that leper was at Devon?

When Finny turns to Gene — the only other person who knows that Leper is, in fact, at Devon — he clearly expects his friend to speak up and help him to resolve the mystery of his fall. But Gene, ashamed and frightened in the knowledge of his guilt, does nothing to bring Leper forward — leaving it to Finny instead.