Why does Finny break the swimming record?

Why does Finny break the swimming record?

Like his jumps from the tree and blitzball, Finny’s feat at the pool embodies his idea of true sport — physical achievement for its own sake, uncompromised by adult authority. Finny breaks records — and rules — as a way of creating a world apart from the adults who serve the war.

What does Finny say he will not do in public?

Finny refuses to try again in public and forbids Gene to tell anyone about it. Finny remains uncharacteristically silent for a while before proposing that they go to the beach; the trip, which school rules strictly forbid, takes hours by bicycle. Gene agrees despite himself, and they slip away down a back road.

Where does Finny think the only real swimming can be done?

Finny had already won a number of athletic honors at Devon School, but Gene is mystified by his indifference to his stunning swimming record. Finny states that swimming in a pool is screwy and the only real swimming is in the ocean. He suggests that he and Gene go to the beach, which is hours away by bike.

When Finny breaks the school swimming record but doesn’t want to tell anyone Gene says it made Finny seem too unusual for what significance?

It made Finny seem too unusual for—not friendship, but too unusual for rivalry. And there were few relationships among us at Devon not based on rivalry. Gene reflects on the moment Finny breaks a school swimming record, but in front of Gene alone.

Why does Gene abandon leper during their walk?

He walks the rest of the way through the snow to Leper’s house. Leper tells Gene that he has, in fact, deserted; he did so because the army was planning to give him a Section Eight discharge for insanity, which he says would have prevented him from ever finding work or leading a normal life.

Why did Finny break the school swimming record?

Finny just broke the school’s swimming record in front of Gene alone. Immediately after, he explains to Gene that he pushed himself to break the record as a strictly personal challenge. He doesn’t want anyone other than Gene to know.

Why did Finny call the school in a separate peace?

Finny explains why he called the school to make sure Gene was no longer taking responsibility for his fall. Finny even apologizes for thinking that Gene might continue to make what he felt was a ludicrous claim. Finny’s apologetic rationalizations heighten the dramatic irony since Gene is most certainly responsible for Finny’s fall.

What did gene say about Finny in a separate peace?

Gene reflects on Finny’s rebellious personality. Gene understands that Finny tends to take the contrary view of things and to question the status quo. However, Gene also notes that Finny likes to involve others in his assertions of independence, even to the point of tripping Gene in his purposeful walk to make a point.

When did Finny try to break the world record?

The two boys are alone in the pool when Finny notices a record from 1940 and decides to try to break it. With Gene as his timekeeper, Finny beats the record by .7 seconds, but there are no witnesses so the time will not count.