Why did they not make a National Treasure 3?

Why did they not make a National Treasure 3?

Back in 2018, Jon Turteltaub, who directed the “National Treasure” films, told Collider that Disney had a lot of other projects in the works, which is why the third film was put off. ‘ It’s really that Disney feels they have other films they want to make that they think will make them more money.

When was National Treasure 3 release?

August 26, 2008
Book series

# Title Released
3 National Treasure: Uncharted – A Gates Family Mystery August 26, 2008
4 National Treasure: Westward Bound – A Gates Family Mystery December 23, 2008
5 National Treasure: Forever Free – A Gates Family Mystery N/A
6 National Treasure: Roaring In – A Gates Family Mystery N/A
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What is the plot of National Treasure 3?

Let’s refreshen the storyline a bit— ‘National Treasure’ is a story about a historian and amateur cryptologist, Benjamin Franklin Gates, played by Nicolas Cage. He is looking for a lost treasure, and while his search was on, he got to know about a secret code written behind the Declaration Of Independence of America.

How many marriages has Nicolas Cage?

Cage has been married four times before, including to Kim. Here’s everything to know about his five marriages. The National Treasure star met Shibata, 27, in Shiga, Japan more than a year ago.

Can you steal the Declaration of Independence?

Housed at the National Archives since 1952, the Declaration has had a bumpy life — at one point it was even repaired with Scotch tape — but no one has ever attempted to break into the Archives and actually steal it. impossible” to steal the document, explained Susan Cooper, a spokesperson for the National Archives.

Who married Nicolas Cage?

Riko Shibatam. 2021
Erika Koikem. 2019–2019Alice Kimm. 2004–2016Lisa Marie Presleym. 2002–2004Patricia Arquettem. 1995–2001
Nicolas Cage/Spouse

Does Nicolas Cage have a girlfriend?

Nicolas Cage/Has Current Partner

Who did Nicolas Cage just marry?

Nicolas Cage/Spouse
Nicolas Cage has tied the knot with his girlfriend Riko Shibata, USA Today, confirmed on Friday. The actor, 57, married Shibata, 26, in Las Vegas on February 16.

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What was on page 47 in the book of secrets?

Page 47 is one of the many pages in the Book of Secrets, which contains all the secrets of the history to the United States.

Is national treasure based on true story?

Strictly speaking, Paul Finchley’s story in National Treasure is nothing more than a fictional dramatisation. However, the events in the Channel 4 drama are inspired by the real-life Operation Yewtree, an investigation into historical sexual abuse by major celebrities in the 1970s and 80s.

Is there going to be a National Treasure 3?

After witnessing what seemed to be a set-up for a longer franchise, many awaited the news of a third National Treasure film after the release of the second. When nothing panned out, a lot of fans figured the threequel just wouldn’t happen. As it turns out, National Treasure 3 is unexpectedly coming back around.

When does the new national treasure movie come out?

However, if everything goes as per schedule, we could definitely hope to see ‘National Treasure 3’ release around 2022.

Who is playing gates in National Treasure 3?

In the third National Treasure, Nic Cage will be Benjamin Franklin Gates once again. I can not tell you how much I enjoyed writing that sentence. It gave me a decent bit of chub. Diane Kruger’s naked booty could not give me that level of chub. The Baywatch guy’s mentally challenged performance in Gigli couldn’t even give me that level of chub.

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Who are the actors in National Treasure Book of Secrets?

Helen Mirren, left, Nicolas Cage and Diane Kruger star in “National Treasure: Book of Secrets.” Why didn’t “National Treasure 3” ever happen? We might have an idea now.