Why did Jayfeather break his stick?

Why did Jayfeather break his stick?

Description. Jayfeather’s stick is a big, long, smooth, slender, and pale piece of wood. However, Jayfeather snapped it in half due to being angry with Rock.

Is Jayfeather related to firestar?

6. Jayfeather- I’m not even going to do this. Jayfeather’s mother is Leafpool, whose father was Firestar. They’re actually quite closely related in that Spottedleaf is Redtail’s sister, whose kit was Sandstorm, whose mate was Firestar!

How did fallen leaves die?

Fallen Leaves is a softpaw, preparing to take his assessment to become a sharpclaw. He must journey into the tunnels and find his way back to the moor, and Fallen Leaves denies the coming of rain to Rock so his assessment is not delayed. The rain floods the tunnels, drowning the lost Fallen Leaves.

What did Jayfeather say about the Pointed Stones?

Jayfeather: ” From this moment on, you will be known as the Teller of the Pointed Stones. Others will come after you, moon upon moon upon moon. Choose them well, train them well, and trust the future of your Tribe to them. ” Half Moon: ” Tribe? ” Jayfeather: “Yes. You are a Tribe now, united in loyalty to everything you represent.

What’s the best quote to say about Jayfeather?

This page contains numerous quotes for Jayfeather. Jaypaw: ” I might not be able to see what you see, but I can tell a lot from what I can hear and smell and feel.

What happens to Ashfur after he becomes a warrior?

After earning his warrior name, Ashfur developed feelings for Squirrelflight, who briefly shared his feelings but discovered that her true place was with Brambleclaw. Heartbroken, Ashfur fueled his grief into anger for moons. He later mentored Birchfall and Lionblaze, the latter being Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight’s son.

Where do Leafpool and Jayfeather put the deathberries?

Leafpool and Jayfeather gather deathberries and stuff a dead mouse full of them. They put the mouse near the rocks where Honeyfern was killed, in an attempt to lure and kill the snake. This plan later fails in withdrawing the snake from its hiding place, though it does not appear again.