Why did Gene Hackman do Young Frankenstein?

Why did Gene Hackman do Young Frankenstein?

Gene Hackman Specifically Asked Wilder for a Part in Young Frankenstein Because he “Wanted to Try Comedy”

Why is Young Frankenstein in black and white?

Brooks and Wilder were going for a satire of the 1931 movie Frankenstein directed by James Whale. As a result, they wanted to film it in black and white. Brooks says that if they had made the movie in color, they would have to make the monster green. It won’t have the power of the James Whale movie.”

Is Young Frankenstein kid friendly?

Rated PG for: Adult Language, Adult Content, Mild Violence. Kids younger than ten can enjoy the rest of it; up to you the age at which they can either handle the bawdiness or sail comfortably beneath it.

What is the message of Young Frankenstein?

Love and Acceptance. The themes of love and acceptance are common throughout most Frankenstein adaptations. Most of the characters in Young Frankenstein are searching for love and acceptance in one way or another.

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What age rating is Frankenstein?

Age Appropriate For: 13+.

What was the gross of Young Frankenstein in 1974?

“Young Frankenstein” would eventually gross $86 million in 1974, holding its own against the other blockbusters that year — “The Towering Inferno” and “The Godfather Part II.” ‘Moonlight’ is the ‘black film’ Hollywood desperately need…

How are the reviews for the movie Young Frankenstein?

Young Frankenstein received mostly positive reviews from critics and currently holds a 93% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 56 reviews with the consensus: “Made with obvious affection for the original, Young Frankenstein is a riotously silly spoof featuring a fantastic performance by Gene Wilder.”.

How old was Mel Brooks when he filmed Young Frankenstein?

Mel Brooks (left) with Gene Wilder while filming “Young Frankenstein” Mel’s mother was funnier than he is Mel was 5 years old in 1931 when he saw Boris Karloff in “Frankenstein.” He was so terrified, he asked his mother, Kate, if he could sleep with the window by the fire escape closed in their Brooklyn apartment.

Who was the composer for the movie Young Frankenstein?

To help evoke the atmosphere of the earlier films, Brooks shot the picture entirely in black and white, a rarity in the 1970s, and employed 1930s’ style opening credits and scene transitions such as iris outs, wipes, and fades to black. The film also features a period score by Brooks’ longtime composer John Morris .

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