Why did Blanche really honestly leave her teaching job in Laurel?

Why did Blanche really honestly leave her teaching job in Laurel?

Stanley tells Stella this bit of gossip while Blanche is soaking in one of her many baths. He has heard that Blanche had to leave Laurel because she was so promiscuous. After the relationship was discovered, Blanche was asked to leave her job and her town.

What was Blanche DuBois profession?

Blanche DuBois (married name Grey) is a fictional character in Tennessee Williams’ 1947 Pulitzer Prize-winning play A Streetcar Named Desire….

Blanche DuBois
Gender Female
Occupation High school English teacher
Family Stella DuBois (sister) Stanley Kowalski (brother-in-law)
Spouse Allan Grey (deceased)

What is the presumed reason that Blanche was asked to leave the Flamingo Hotel *?

Gleefully, Stanley recounts how Blanche earned a notorious reputation after taking up residence at the seedy Flamingo Hotel. The hotel asked her to leave, presumably for immoral behavior unacceptable even by the standards of that establishment.

What does Blanche do for a living why is she not working there now?

Blanche says she left her teaching job to visit Stella, because she slowly began to become exhausted, and she suggested that her nerves broke, resulting in the superintendent of the school she works at telling her she should take a break from her job.

What does it mean when Mitch tears down the lantern?

When Mitch rips the paper lantern off the light in Scene Nine, we as an audience understand that he no longer buys into the illusion that Blanche tried to craft, and wishes to expose the truth as represented by the light.

What does Blanche say is the opposite of desire?

Blanche says death is the opposite of desire.

Who does Blanche blame for losing Belle Reve?

To what does Blanche blame the loss of Belle Reve? Due to Blanche’s traumatic past and the loss of her husband, she has developed two coping mechanisms; denial and blame. She blames the loss of Belle Reve on her ancestors and her family if she even chooses to acknowledge that she lost her family home at all.

Is Blanche Dubois a villain?

Blanche and Stanley are protagonist and antagonist in Streetcar, and yet Williams’ play is not a simple picture of victim and villain. Blanche is cruel to her husband, rude to Eunice, patronizing to Stella, and arrogant to Stanley. But everyone in Blanche’s new environment had too much to do with his or her own egoism.

Can you kiss u Goodnight streetcar?

Throughout the scene Mitch attempts to illustrate his love and affection for Blanche, for example when he states, ‘Can I – uh – kiss you – goodnight? As a result of the loss of her dead husband who she loved and lost, Blanche indicates that she ‘understand[s] what that is [to be lonely]’ (p. 182).

What does Blanche confess to Mitch?

I didn’t lie in my heart.” Blanche means that she has used some deception to trap Mitch, but a certain amount of illusion is a woman’s charm, but as she said to Stanley in Scene 2: “when a thing is important, I tell the truth.” And she did tell the truth to Mitch when she told him that she loved and needed him and that …