Who wrote Letters to Juliet?

Who wrote Letters to Juliet?

Tim Sullivan
José Rivera
Letters to Juliet/Screenplay

What was the #1 movie in the box office in 2010?

Domestic Box Office For 2010

Rank Release Release Date
1 Avatar Dec 18
2 Toy Story 3 Jun 18
3 Alice in Wonderland Mar 5
4 Iron Man 2 May 7

Will there be a second letters to Juliet?

But what you may not know, is that the letters to Juliet are real. The plot of the film may be fictitious, but the premise is not. There really are secretaries of Juliet based in Verona, ready to answer the many messages of those who have lost loves or are lost in love.

How much money did letters to Juliet make?

Letters to Juliet opened at #3 to $13,540,486 behind Iron Man 2 ‘ s second weekend and Robin Hood. In its second weekend, the film dropped 33.5% with $9,006,266 and with the arrival of Shrek Forever After the film slipped to #4. The film eventually grossed $53,032,453 domestically and $79,181,750 worldwide.

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Who is Juliet’s husband in letters to Juliet?

Nero is Redgrave’s real life husband. Roger Ebert, having interviewed both Nero and Redgrave on the set of Camelot in 1966 – where they met, fell in love, separated, then married 40 years later – noted how much of the love story between their characters is nearly autobiographical. Marina Massironi as Francesca, one of Juliet’s secretaries.

Is the movie Letters to Juliet worth watching?

“Letters to Juliet” is a delightful romance highly recommended for romantic viewers. I have seen the trailer that is a spoiler indeed and I postponed the DVD to watch it later. But the movie is worth, specially watching the performance of Ms. Vanessa Redgrave, who is still a very elegant and beautiful lady and gives credibility to Claire Smith.

How old is Sophie in letters to Juliet?

The locals who answer the letters on Juliet’s behalf invite Sophie to join them and her response to a 50-year old letter will change several lives forever. This has all the makings of a charming chick flick, telling an idealistic love story in a stunningly beautiful place.