Who would win Superman or a Jedi?

Who would win Superman or a Jedi?

Jedi use the Force. Superman uses the Sun. Assuming it’s 1v1, with normal superman vs a normal Jedi, the Jedi wins. The Force is Magic, quite simply.

Could a lightsaber kill Superman?

Originally Answered: Could Superman be cut by a lightsaber? No. It’s a light beam, & a light beam won’t injure Superman. The light beam generates a certain high temperature, but high temperatures (I don’t care how high) won’t injure Superman.

Would a lightsaber hurt Superman?

Because the Sun itself runs as hot as 15 million degrees Celsius at its core, this effectively proves that causing damage to Superman with a normal lightsaber would be ineffective and just straight up wouldn’t work.

Who would win Yoda or Superman?

In a one on one sword Yoda should come out on top as victor ; as he is well trained in the arts of – Jedi (grandmaster etc ) . Superman is physically the stronger of the two and would easily beat Yoda in a wrestling match or a fight to the death scenario .

Can a Jedi beat Batman?

Any Jedi Master can easily take down an unprepared Bat. I’d put Batman on a similar level to guys like Boba if he were dropped in the Star Wars universe so he should be able to take down a regular Jedi Knight at least half the time. Anyone like Obi or Mace would beat unprepared Bats 9/10 or 10/10.

Can Batman beat a Jedi?

Batman, however, trusts in his cunning and intellect to lure his pray in to fighting on his own terms. No way to defeat a jedi in a fair fight CQC, so Batman would retreat from that scenario or die quickly. Without evening the odds somehow he wouldn’t engage in this fight.

Can Superman beat the Force?

No. A light-saber can’t harm him. Force Push can’t stop him. Unless the Force is actually a form of magic I highly doubt any Jedi or Sith Lord can defeat the Man of Steel.

Could a lightsaber block a bullet?

Yes. In the lore, lightsabers and blaster bolts aren’t beams of light either. The lightsaber is a beam of plasma contained within a magnetic field; it has mass, just like a bullet. Depending on the lightsaber and the bulelt in question, the magnetic field might be enough to stop it all on its own.

Can a Darksaber cut Beskar?

The Darksaber may be a fearsome weapon, but it cannot cut through beskar, which is the most resilient metal in the Star Wars universe and also Mandalorian-made. In Legends, beskar (or Mandalorian iron) is a prized alloy found and mined solely on Mandalore and its moon Concordia.

Can Darth Vader beat Batman?

2 Darth Vader Wins: Batman He’s got a contingency plan for almost everything and has defeated many tough foes over the years. The only way to truly combat the Force is for one to have access to it themselves, which Batman does not have. Thus, Darth Vader destroys Batman in this scenario, no questions.

Can Darth Vader kill Batman?

Vader can freeze Batman in place with the Force. He could use telekinesis to make Batman beat himself to death. He could use the Force to crush his brain. He doesn’t need to use gestures to use the Force.

Can Batman use the force?

Neither. Batman wouldn’t be able to utilize the force, the same way he doesn’t have super powers. He would probably be a bounty hunter who was guided by his own morals and only took the jobs that he felt were right, and he would never kill any of his marks, he would always bring them back alive.

Are Jedi superheroes?

No, Jedi are not superheroes. The criteria for a superhero is a certain element of uniqueness, something that makes them “super” in comparison to the norm for their setting.

Is Superman stronger than Thanos?

Superman didn’t need to wear an Infinity Gauntlet to show he could move planets as Thanos did in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. Face it, Superman isn’t as powerful as you fanboys want to make him out to be. …

Is Superman stronger than Hulk?

Superman’s power source is also superior to the Hulk’s. While the Hulk has shown he can absorb ambient gamma radiation to boost his strength, Superman simply has more power sources to choose from.

Could a Jedi stop a bullet?

There is no reason to believe a lightsaber blade couldn’t stop a bullet (though it would of course destroy the bullet rather than deflect it) or that a Jedi’s supernatural reflexes would not be fast enough to intercept a bullet, though of course rapid fire would be very taxing to block.

What can’t a lightsaber block?

Lightsaber Resistant Materials

  1. Amphistaff. These are genetically engineered serpentine creatures native to the Yuuzhan Vong planet.
  2. Cortosis Ore.
  3. Felucian Skullblade.
  4. Mandalorian Iron.
  5. Neuranium.
  6. Orbalisk.
  7. Phrik.
  8. Songsteel.

Is Moff Gideon a Jedi?

At the time of The Mandalorian story, it is pretty clear that Moff Gideon is not a Sith Lord even though he has the Darksaber in his possession nor does he have any links to the Jedi. Moff Gideon is nothing more than one of the Empire’s existing bad guys who officially worked for the Imperial Security Bureau.

Why can’t the Darksaber cut through Beskar?

The Darksaber may be a fearsome weapon, but it cannot cut through beskar, which is the most resilient metal in the Star Wars universe and also Mandalorian-made. Beskar may be resistant to the Darksaber because of its higher tolerance to heat, especially the heat produced by lightsabers.

Can Palpatine beat Superman?

Not unless they’re at absolute base (no powers) and even then they might win if they were force sensitive and applied krptonian martial arts to their lightsaber duel. If his Force lightning can do damage to Kryptonians and everything about the Force is magic based, then Darth Sidious can beat Superman and Supergirl.

Assuming it’s 1v1, with normal superman vs a normal Jedi, the Jedi wins. The Force is Magic, quite simply. Superman is weak to magic, like kryptonite. Not to mention Jedi can see an attack before it hits, allowing them to counter or dodge.

Can any Star Wars character beat Superman?

Can Yoda beat Superman?

Yoda can never defeat Superman.

Can lightsaber cut Beskar?

Though it’s never been quantified in canon or Legends, beskar is presumed to have a higher melting point than the heat lightsabers produce. The fact that lightsabers can’t cut through beskar isn’t new in Star Wars, even if it is surprising to see on-screen.

Can Darth Vader kill Thanos?

Vader would most likely paralyze thanos with the force and choke him to death, or use force destruction to explode his organs, or most likely paralyze him use the force to propel thanos towards him and stab him with lightsaber.

Is it possible for Superman to be defeated?

Superman typically capitalizes on his immense strength, but that doesn’t mean that he’s invincible. If anything, Superman is a character that can be prone to defeat just because he does have such well-known weak spots.

Is it true that Superman can reverse time?

He’s a character that can literally reverse time, not by psychic abilities, but by sheer force of will by flying around the planet and changing its rotation. Superman typically capitalizes on his immense strength, but that doesn’t mean that he’s invincible.

Who is stronger than Superman or Ant Man?

Ant-Man may not be physically stronger than Superman, but it’s in the superhero’s unique skillset where he gains the advantage. It may seem like a cheat, but Ant-Man could shrink down, enter into Superman’s body, and then enlarge himself to destroy Superman (this was actually a leading theory for how the Avengers might beat Thanos in Endgame ).

Who is better at fighting Superman or Shazam?

It’s only fitting that Shazam would be able to best Superman in battle since he’s designed as what’s basically a Superman-like character, right down to the look. They also have comparable abilities, but Shazam isn’t prey to the same wealth of weaknesses.