Who was the t800 modeled after?

Who was the t800 modeled after?

According to the scene, a Chief Master Sergeant named William Candy (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) was chosen to be the model for the Terminator project, although his thick Southern US accent would later be replaced by one sounding like Schwarzenegger’s.

What model was Arnold in Terminator 2?

Model 101
In Terminator 2 and T2: 3-D Battle Across Time, the T-1000 is presented as a technological leap over the T-800 Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger), also known as a Model 101.

What model number was the first Terminator?

In the first Terminator film, he was mostly called 101, and the model number T-800 was introduced in Terminator 2, but they are actually the same, and without one the other wouldn’t be possible: T-800 is the endoskeleton and 101 is the skin and therefore the physical appearance of the model.

What Terminator model is in Terminator 1?

It’s been 30 years this week since a naked Arnold Schwarzenegger first brought us the nearly wordless Cyberdyne Systems T-800 Model 101 in the James Cameron–directed The Terminator.

How do you kill a t800?

The key to killing any Terminator is keeping your distance. No matter how much you prepare, Terminators can deal huge damage and quickly. The best strategy then is to run and shoot, run and then shoot again, keeping a distance at all times.

Is T-1000 a good guy?

The twist of T2: the T-1000 is actually the good guy, sent back in time to kill John Connor by the human resistance (?) or some other benevolent force, because Connor’s existence ensures Judgment Day occurs, ensures Cyberdyne develops Skynet, etc.

Can you reprogram at 1000?

While a T-1000 can’t be reprogrammed, they can be negotiated with.

What is the T infinity?

The T-Infinity Prototype Temporal Terminator is created by Skynet. Its purpose is to make sure the timelines don’t get out of balance. By far, it seems there is only one prototype created by Skynet and sent to “correct” the timeline.

How many Terminator models are there?

The six Terminator movies and the TV series The Sarah Connor Chronicles have featured over a dozen models of the killer cyborgs. Here are all of them.

What guns can kill a Terminator?

4 Ways To Kill A Terminator

  • The Desert Eagle Automatic Pistol. Famed for being a bloody big gun for those who like the flash their metal, the Desert Eagle is outstanding for the fact of being a large calibre automatic pistol.
  • The FN-P90 (Upgraded)
  • Double-Barrelled Shotguns.
  • Heavy Rifles.

    Can you reprogram a terminator?

    Machines can be reprogrammed to follow the commands of someone other than its original creator, usually Skynet. This ability is used by the Resistance to reprogram Terminators, and by Terminators to reprogram other Terminators.

    How do you kill a t1000?

    The T-1000 being destroyed by acid. Corrosives, such as concentrated hydrochloric acid were also known to damage T-1000s and could even destroy the units if prolonged exposure could be achieved.

    Is T infinity the strongest Terminator?

    Like other Terminators, the T-Infinity is superhumanly strong and durable, it was shown to be stronger than a T-800 and resistant to conventional weaponry, a trait that combined with his trans-location abilities make him nearly invulnerable.