Who was Billy in Jimmy Valentine?

Who was Billy in Jimmy Valentine?

Charming rogue safecracker Jimmy Valentine (William Haines, in fine voice) has come to town, with his two accomplices Swede and Bill Avery, for the express purpose of heisting a payroll from bank president John Lane. But then Jimmy gets a look at fair Rose, the banker’s daughter, and he falls instantly in love.

How does Jimmy Valentine save Annabel’s niece?

It is not until he sacrifices his identity as Ralph, by saving Agatha, Annabel’s niece, when she becomes accidentally locked in Mr. Adams’s safe, that Jimmy is fully redeemed for his past sins. Through cracking the safe, Jimmy, in part, betrays his true identity—risking his relationship with Annabel in the process.

Is A Retrieved Reformation a true story?

“A Retrieved Reformation” is a short story by American author O. Henry first published in The Cosmopolitan Magazine, April 1903. It describes the events which lead up to the reformation of an ex-convict. The story was adapted into a radio series, Alias Jimmy Valentine, that was broadcast from 1938 to 1939.

Who are the main characters in the story A Retrieved Reformation?

A Retrieved Reformation Characters

  • Jimmy Valentine/Ralph D. Spencer.
  • Ben Price. An “eminent” police detective and the antagonist of “A Retrieved Reformation.”
  • Annabel Adams. The fiancée of Ralph D.
  • The Warden. The man in charge of the prison where Jimmy Valentine serves time after his arrest in Springfield.
  • Mike Dolan.
  • Mr.

    Why is it ironic that Jimmy Valentine rescues Agatha from the safe?

    Ironically, Jimmy risks everything by rescuing little Agatha from the bank vault, but because he risks everything by exposing his identity as a master safecracker, he is allowed to “retrieve” his reformation.

    Why was Annabel’s father worried about Agatha?

    In “A Retrieved Reformation,” Annabel’s father is worried about Agatha because the little girl has just been locked inside a bank safe and might suffocate. Fortunately, Jimmy Valentine, the expert safe-cracker, is on hand to free Agatha.

    Why does Jimmy walk away after he frees Agatha from the safe?

    Why does Jimmy walk away after he frees Agatha from the safe? Annabel doesn’t love him anymore. He knows he can steal the money from the safe later anymore.