Who plays the leading role in National Treasure?

Who plays the leading role in National Treasure?

Main cast and characters

Character Film
National Treasure National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Benjamin “Ben” Franklin Gates Nicolas Cage Hunter Gomez Nicolas Cage
Riley Poole Justin Bartha
Dr. Abigail Chase Diane Kruger

What is a national treasure person?

national treasurenoun. A person, place, or object that is deemed to be of value to an entire nation, usually due to its cultural significance.

Can people be a national treasure?

A Living Human Treasure is, according to UNESCO, a person who possesses to a high degree the knowledge and skills required for performing or re-creating specific elements of the intangible cultural heritage. The title is also known as Living National Treasure.

How do you become a national treasure?

How to Nominate a National Treasure

  1. The historic resource must be nationally significant, or the preservation work must have national implications.
  2. The historic resource must be threatened.
  3. There must be a clear role for the National Trust for Historic Preservation to help make a difference.
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In May 2003, Nicolas Cage was cast as lead in the film. New drafts were written by nine scribers, including Cormac and Marianne Wibberley, E. Max Frye and Jon Turteltaub.

Who is the bad guy in National Treasure?

Type of Villain Ian Howe to Ben Gates. Ian Howe is the main antagonist of the 2004 Disney live action film National Treasure. He was portrayed by Sean Bean, who also played Sean Miller in Patriot Games, Alec Trevelyan in GoldenEye, Patrick Koster in Don’t Say a Word, Dr.

What happens National Treasure?

A historian races to find the legendary Templar Treasure before a team of mercenaries. Benjamin’s father abhors treasure hunting, as he himself lost 20 years in chasing the treasure without success. Plot takes a twist when Ben’s accomplice Ian decides to steal ‘Declaration of Independence’ for the next clue.

How does the First National Treasure end?

Ian strands Ben and the others underground, seemingly with no way out. Ben finds a secret opening leading to another room, which has another secret door, which leads to the room containing the massive treasure and an exit to the surface. Ian and his accomplices are arrested while breaking into the Old North Church.

Who are the actors in the movie National Treasure?

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete. . Nicolas Cage. Benjamin Franklin Gates. Diane Kruger. Abigail Chase. Justin Bartha.

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Who is the actor who plays Ben Gates in national treasure?

Ben is portrayed by Hunter Gomez in the beginning of the first film. Riley Poole (portrayed by Justin Bartha) – Riley Poole is the best friend of Ben Gates, and co-finder of both the Templar Treasure and the City of Gold.

What did Riley do in the movie National Treasure?

Ben and his financier Ian Howe find Riley working in a cubicle. He comes along on the journey to find the Charlotte, using his computer expertise to assist his friends. He writes a book about the Templar Treasure and other myths, and this book becomes a key to helping find the City of Gold in the second film.

Who is the antagonist in the movie National Treasure?

Mitch Wilkinson (portrayed by Ed Harris) – Mitch Wilkinson is the main antagonist of the second film. Wilkinson first appears when Ben and Patrick are giving a speech, showing a page from the diary of John Wilkes Booth, which has the name Thomas Gates written on it.