Who played Batman in order?

Who played Batman in order?


Film U.S. release date Actor
Batman June 23, 1989 Michael Keaton
Batman Returns June 19, 1992
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm December 25, 1993 Kevin Conroy
Batman Forever June 16, 1995 Val Kilmer

Who played best Batman?

The Best Batman Actors: Ranked

  • 5 of 12. 8) George Clooney.
  • 6 of 12. Peter Weller.
  • 7 of 12. 6) Ben Affleck.
  • 8 of 12. 5) Will Arnett.
  • 9 of 12. 4) Adam West.
  • 10 of 12. 3) Kevin Conroy.
  • 11 of 12. 2) Christian Bale.
  • 12 of 12. 1) Michael Keaton. Appears in: Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992)

    Who is the longest running Batman actor?

    One of the most famous — and longest-running — Batman actors was Adam West. With a goofball demeanor, his version of Batman was campy but also very charming. He played Batman for 120 TV episodes of the long-running show.

    Who is the best Joker of all time?

    Every on-screen Joker ranked from worst to best: who is the greatest Clown Prince of Crime?

    • Mark Hamill (Batman: The Animated Series/Batman Arkham series)
    • Joaquin Phoenix (Joker)
    • Jack Nicholson (Batman)
    • Cesar Romero (Batman ’66)
    • Cameron Monaghan (Gotham)
    • Troy Baker (Batman: Arkham Origins)
    • Jared Leto (Suicide Squad)

      How much is Val Kilmer worth?

      Val Kilmer Net Worth: Val Kilmer is an American actor who has a net worth of $25 million.

      Why did they keep changing Batman?

      Producers of the series finally realized that if Batman sounds too much like Bruce Wayne, it’s a giveaway. And so Batman’s voice had to be electronically altered. Sadly, that means that the actor playing Batman isn’t going to get to use either his face or his voice very much.

      Who is the best actor for Joker?

      Joaquin Phoenix
      Joaquin Phoenix wins best actor Oscar for ‘Joker’

      Who is the scariest Joker?

      Top Five Scariest Jokers in Comics

      1. Endgame Joker.
      2. Death of the Family Joker.
      3. Arkham Asylum Joker. This Joker is easily the most artistically terrifying because it shows his insanity the best.
      4. Killing Joke Joker.
      5. The Dark Knight Returns Joker. Although he isn’t one of the craziest or one of the most dangerous Jokers.

      Is Cavill returning to Superman?

      Henry Cavill won’t appear in 2022’s The Flash and reportedly doesn’t have any future DC Extended Universe projects in the works as the Man of Steel. Henry Cavill reportedly won’t be returning as Superman in The Flash or any other upcoming DCEU projects.

      Who was the scariest Joker?

      Who is the best Joker Heath Ledger or Joaquin Phoenix?

      Joaquin Phoenix followed in Heath Ledger’s footsteps by getting nominated in 2020 for an Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in Joker, and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Drama, as well as the BAFTA Award for Best Leading Actor for the role.