Who played Argo?

Who played Argo?

Anthony SimcoeFarscape
Ka D’Argo/Interpretado por
Anthony Simcoe (born 7 June 1969) is an Australian actor, known for his portrayal of Steve Kerrigan in the 1997 film The Castle and Ka D’Argo in the science fiction television series Farscape.

Who played Drago in Farscape?

Anthony Simcoe
Anthony Simcoe was born on June 7, 1969. He is an actor, known for Farscape (1999), The Castle (…

How tall is Anthony Simcoe?

1,96 m
Anthony Simcoe/Altura

Where is Anthony Simcoe now?

Anthony Simcoe – Ka D’Argo However, according to his Twitter page, he is now a “former actor” and instead works as a communication skills and leadership consultant for his own company, Anthony Simcoe Consulting.

How did Dargo die?

D’Argo appears to die in the miniseries when he is stabbed through the chest and stays behind to cover the others’ retreat. D’Argo is one of nine characters to appear in all four seasons of Farscape as well as The Peacekeeper Wars. The others are Crichton, Aeryn, Rygel, Chiana, Pilot, Scorpius, Stark and Braca.

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Is D’Argo dead?

D’Argo is the only known character to have met Harvey inside John’s head. Zhaan and Aeryn also met him outside twice (Zhaan through Unity and Aeryn fought against him twice. She died on the first occasion and was resurrected.

Why did Tammy leave Farscape?

Jool’s exit was engineered to allow Tammy MacIntosh to concentrate on her ongoing role in another TV series, All Saints, though she was still able to make a couple of later cameo appearances and participate in the miniseries.

Is Dargo dead?

Are Claudia Black and Ben Browder friends?

We have a fantastic friendship, and he was my go-to guy [back then].” Browder believes he may be the last happily married man in Hollywood. He said his “Farscape” relationship with his friend Black was all business. “We were old enough and smart enough not to let anything get in the way of our work,” he said.

How does Moya get pregnant?

Her original pilot was slain and another, more cooperative Pilot was bonded with her. This artificially rushed process caused both Pilot and Moya a great deal of pain. D’Argo finds the shield and destroys it, causing Moya to become pregnant. She gave birth to one offspring, a male who is a Leviathan-Gunship hybrid.