Who originally posted Nyan Cat?

Who originally posted Nyan Cat?

artist Christopher Torres’s
The Nyan Cat video was first posted to YouTube on April 5, 2011. The original GIF came from artist Christopher Torres’s website. The name Pop Tart Cat comes from him, since that’s what he originally called it.

Where did Nyan Cat sell?

crypto art platform Foundation
Chris Torres, the artist behind Nyan Cat, has remastered the original animation and will be selling it through the crypto art platform Foundation.

Who is the original singer of Nyan Cat?

The video merged a Japanese pop song, sung by UTAUloid Momone Momo (original sung by Hatsune Miku), with an animated cartoon cat with a Pop-Tart for a torso, flying through space, and leaving a rainbow trail behind it. The video ranked at number 5 on the list of most viewed YouTube videos in 2011.

What did the real life Nyan Cat die of?

The Internet world is mourning the death of Marty, the real-life cat that inspired the popular eight-bit rainbow meme, Nyan Cat. Marty, nearly three years old, died on Thursday due to Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), a fatal incurable disease, tech site Mashable reported. Nyan Cat creator Chris Torres tweeted a brief eulogy for his beloved cat:

When does the new Nyan Cat come out?

To remaster Nyan Cat, which turns 10 on April 2nd, Torres went back to the original GIF to make it larger and touch up minor flaws that have bugged him over the years. One star in the original 12-frame animation would pop in out of nowhere, Torres said, so he took it out for the remastered edition.

What are the different pages of the Nyan Cat?

The Nyan Cat also has two different pages: The main page, and the page called Original. Both pages have not many differences to them, however, the main page can be taken by other nyans at certain times of the year. Nyan cat is seen as a cute, friendly cheerful cat that loves and protects animals and people alike.