Who is the woman in the Moccona advert?

Who is the woman in the Moccona advert?

Update #2 : blufindr pointed out the cute girl in the ad is Caitlin Stasey (an Australian actress that played Rachel Kinski in Neighbours).

Is Jessica Tovey pregnant?

Jess has been dating her partner Damien Strouthos since 2017 and he could be seen in the background of her baby bump picture with an emoji that read: “No 1 dad”. Aussie actress Jess Tovey revealed her pregnancy on Instagram. Jess has been dating her partner Damien Strouthos since 2017.

Does Belle die in Home and Away?

On her release from hospital, Belle goes for a walk along the beach. Aden carries her back home and she says goodbye to everyone. During the night, Belle dies peacefully in Aden’s arms.

Where is the Moccona ad filmed?

Shot entirely on location in Rome, the spot evokes a ‘Sleeping Beauty’ type fairytale that reflects Moccona’s European heritage and light-hearted romantic approach. The campaign includes a 45 and 30 second TVCs and a 60-second cinema spot.

Does Belle die in home and away?

Is Belle in home and away pregnant?

It looks like the pitter-patter of little feet will soon be on the way for Aussie actress Jessica Tovey! The former Home and Away star, who played fan favourite Belle Taylor from 2006 to 2009, revealed her pregnancy by showing off her burgeoning baby bump on Instagram on Wednesday.

Is Mia pregnant in home and away?

Home and Away Soap Scoop! Home and Away’s Mia Anderson reveals that she’s pregnant on UK screens next week. Mia (Anna Samson) shares the happy news with her partner Ari Parata after a hectic day for the Summer Bay residents.

Do Bella and Nikau break up?

Home and Away – Crisis point for Nikau and Bella Home and Away may have split up Nikau Parata and Bella Nixon for good. The couple’s relationship has been a ticking timebomb on Australian screens in recent weeks, after Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) cheated on Bella by sleeping with his scheming modelling agent Sienna Blake.

How old is Ziggy on Home and Away?

To get to know your favs from Home And Away better, here are the real life ages of the soap’s stars. The lovely Penny, who plays Tori Morgan, is 38. She plays Ziggy Astoni on the show, and her real-life age is 27. Sam plays Jasmine Delaney and is 32 years old.

What did Belle die of in home and away?

Home and Away star Jessica Tovey admits that feared she’d made a mistake by leaving her role as Belle Taylor. Belle was killed off in 2009 after losing her battle with cancer, following Jessica’s decision to leave the show after three years.

Who is Belle Taylor?

Belle Taylor is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by Jessica Tovey. Belle’s storylines included finding her birth mother, a drug addiction, her relationship with Aden Jefferies and being diagnosed with cancer.