Who is the richest cast member on Siesta Key?

Who is the richest cast member on Siesta Key?

While we know the cast of Laguna Beach definitely had some coin, where does that cast of Siesta Key fall in comparison? Updated on June 26th, 2021, by Michael Chaar: While Alex Kompothecras is no longer part of the show, he and Kelsey Owens remain the richest with net worths of $2 million.

How much does the cast of Siesta Key get paid per episode?

So, how much does the Siesta Key cast make per season of the show? While MTV hasn’t come forward with any numbers directly, users on Reddit have an idea. According to a Reddit user, the cast makes $20,000 per episode. The user also included that Juliette make $400,000 per year.

What happened to Jared from Siesta Key?

The reality star is currently a senior at Keiser College majoring in Accounting and Business Management, according to his LinkedIn.

Is Siesta Key fake?

Like most reality shows, there is a real grey are between the scripted and real parts of Siesta Key. One of the main characters of the first three seasons of Siesta Key was Alex Kompothecras.

What is Juliette Porter salary?

Juliette Porter: Salary and net worth As such, she should be one of the stars with the highest income. According to Gossip Gist, Juliette’s estimated net worth is $400,000 and she is believed to be earning an annual salary of over $35,000.

Why was Alex Kompo fired from Siesta Key?

Alex Kompothecras was fired from Siesta Key in 2020 for racist posts. Since his firing, Alex has lived a low-profile life with new priorities. He starred on the first few seasons of Siesta Key before Alex was fired for a racist social media presence.

Did Alex and Alyssa baby?

Alex and Alyssa welomed their baby in June. On June 14, Alex took to Instagram to announce the arrival of his baby with Alyssa — a baby girl. “The most incredible moment of my life… Is when I met you Alessi xoxo” he captioned a shot of himself smiling while holding his swaddled newborn.

Who is Amanda from Siesta Key dating?

Tate is Amanda Miller’s new man, and former baseball player. He previously went to Saint Leo University in St, Leo, Florida. While he was there, he played on the school’s baseball team with fellow Siesta Key season four newbie Will Gray.

Who is the new girl on Siesta Key?

If you’ve kept up with Siesta Key’s third season, then you’ve probably noticed there have been quite a few new faces. One of those new faces is Bella Martinez, who you’ll get a chance to see on tonight’s episode of Siesta Key.

Why is Sam from Siesta Key so rich?

Siesta Key star Juliette Porter is dating Sam Logan, whose wealth comes from his parents. His mom and dad are Elizabeth Logan and Sam Logan Sr. His parents are very likely the reason why Sam lives large.