Who is the protagonist of the story A Retrieved Reformation?

Who is the protagonist of the story A Retrieved Reformation?

In “A Retrieved Reformation,” Jimmy Valentine is the story’s protagonist.

What is the conflict in Retrieved Reformation?

The external conflict in “A Retrieved Reformation” is between Ben Price and Jimmy Valentine. One might say that this conflict had been ongoing before the story even started. Ben Price had arrested Jimmy and had him sent to prison for a bank job in Springfield.

Why is Ben price the antagonist in a Retrieved Reformation?

Ben is a formidable opponent because he is not only strong, intelligent, and experienced, but he is also tenacious. He traces Jimmy all the way to Elmore, Arkansas, which is where Jimmy is living under an assumed name precisely because he wants to get away from Ben Price.

Who was Mr Ralph Spencer?

His love for Annabel changes Jimmy, and he adopts the identity of Ralph D. Spencer, an honest shoe salesman. As Ralph, Jimmy finally lives the straight life, wins the heart of Annabel, and gains the respect of her family and the entire town.

What risk did Valentine run when he decided to open the door?

He is risking his freedom, his respectability within the town, and his marriage. Fully aware of these risks, he does not hesitate in stepping forward to rescue the child.

Why does Jimmy Valentine become Ralph Spencer?

He chooses to open a shoe store because he has had ten months experience working on shoes in prison. His choice of the name Ralph Spencer is purely arbitrary. It could have been any other alias. He sensed that he was getting too well known in his old territory in Indiana and that vicinity.

Why did Jimmy save Agatha?

Jimmy had to make an important decision, to save Agatha or to just watch how she dies in there, but to save her he needs to go again back to the old Jimmy Valentine. Name the external conflict. When Jimmy gets out of jail, he cracks again three more safes, so detective Ben Price follows him wherever he goes.

Why did Jimmy Valentine decided to live a straight life?

Answer: Jimmy Valentine decided to live a better life because he fell in love with a woman and felt his heart change, when an officer found him he found out jimmy changed and when he rescued a young girl from a safe the officer pretended he did not know Jimmy anymore. I hope this helped!

Who did Jimmy Valentine Fall in Love?

In “A Retrieved Reformation,” Jimmy Valentine, the talented young safecracker, appears to have genuinely changed his criminal ways when he falls in love with Annabel Adams, the daughter of a prominent small-town banker.