Who is the prettiest girl in Mean Girls?

Who is the prettiest girl in Mean Girls?

Karen Smith
Karen is the most beautiful in the group even more beautiful than Regina, Gretchen, and Cady….

Karen Smith
Family: Mr Smith, Mrs smith
Romances: Seth Mowsocowski
Friends: Cady Heron, Gretchen Weiners, Regina George

What is the movie Mean Girls 2 on?

Mean Girls 2
Mean Girls/Sequels

Who is the best mean girl?

Mean Girls: Every Main Character, Ranked By Likability

  1. 1 Damian. Damian (Daniel Franzese) is by far the most likeable character in Mean Girls.
  2. 2 Janis Ian.
  3. 3 Ms.
  4. 4 Mrs.
  5. 5 Kevin Gnapoor.
  6. 6 Cady Heron.
  7. 7 Aaron Samuels.
  8. 8 Gretchen Wieners.

Is there an episode wiki for Mean Girls?

You can help Episode Wiki by expanding it. This article covers the explanations of the Episode Interactive series, known as: Mean Girls. This main story is a sequel to the first “Mean Girls” movie, as you play as a girl who enters in North Shore High School in the senior year.

Who is Cady Heron in Mean Girls the musical?

She is portrayed by Lindsay Lohan in her teens and as a child by Jessie Wright in the movie, and by Erika Henningsen in Mean Girls: The Musical. Cady is a student at North Shore High School who moved to Evanston after living her last 12 years in Africa.

Who is the most feminine of the Mean Girls?

Just like her fellow Plastics, Karen also comes from a wealthy family; however, her family isn’t as rich as Regina’s or Gretchen’s. She is notably the most feminine one in the group, and even Regina admitted that Karen should have been nominated for the Spring Fling Queen crown instead of Gretchen, who Regina claims she doesn’t find pretty.

Who is the dumbest character in Mean Girls?

Karen Smith appears as a playable character in the game, labelled as the Most Dumbest. Her power-up consists of slowing down any Plastics near her, which can give an advantage to the player’s Cliques to attack. In Danish, the name Karen means “pure”.