Who is the director of a handful of dust?

Who is the director of a handful of dust?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. A Handful of Dust is a 1988 British film directed by Charles Sturridge, based on the 1934 novel of the same name by Evelyn Waugh.

How much did a handful of dust make?

Vincent Canby of The New York Times praised Anjelica Huston’s portrayal of Mrs Rattery as the “single most stunning performance” but called the film “both too literal and devoid of real point.” The film made £608,594 in the UK. ^ “A Handful of Dust”.

What was the error code in a handful of dust?

Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. English aristocrat Tony Last (James Wilby) welcomes tragedy into his life when he invites John Beaver (Rupert Graves) to visit his vast estate. There Beaver makes the acquaintance of Tony’s wife, Brenda (Kristin Scott Thomas).

Who is Tony last in a handful of dust?

The victim of both of these creatures is one of the nicest men you’d ever want to meet, a British aristocrat named Tony Last ( James Wilby ), who foolishly allows himself to trust in traditions. The movie takes place between the two world wars, in a family that has lived for a long time in Hetton Abbey, ancestral seat of the Lasts.

What was the original name of the book Dinotopia?

Dinotopia began as an illustrated children’s book called Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time. It was a cross-over success, appealing to both children and adult readers, which led James Gurney to write and illustrate three more books called Dinotopia: The World Beneath, Dinotopia: First Flight and Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara.

Are there any video games based on Dinotopia?

Several video games, as well as a TV miniseries, a short-lived TV series, and an animated children’s movie, were also produced. These are also set in the Dinotopia universe, but do not tie in directly with the main series. Most of them take place in the modern world, unlike the books, which are mostly set in the mid-19th century.

What kind of House is in a handful of dust?

The house is a Victorian pseudo-Gothic pastiche described as architecturally “devoid of interest” by a local guide book and “ugly” by his wife, but is Tony’s pride and joy. Entirely content with country life, he is seemingly unaware of Brenda’s increasing boredom and dissatisfaction, and of his son’s developing waywardness.

Who are the monsters in a handful of dust?

“A Handful of Dust” is about two monsters of selfishness and the suffering that they cause. One is a woman who takes a young lover, and willingly destroys her family and its traditions in the process.