Who is the bad guy in Season 7 of 24?

Who is the bad guy in Season 7 of 24?

Day 7 can be divided into four main acts: Warlord Iké Dubaku breaches a government firewall and attempts to cause massive damage, then tries to manipulate President Taylor by kidnapping her husband. A unit of soldiers from Sangala invades the White House and takes President Taylor hostage.

Who is the bad guy in 24 season 1?

Major subplots The show rotates between the points of view of each of the five main cast members: Jack Bauer, Teri Bauer, Nina Myers, Kim Bauer, and David Palmer, as well as one main villain—Mandy for the first three hours, followed by Ira Gaines, Andre Drazen, and finally Victor Drazen.

What did Jack Bauer whisper in Nina’s ear?

8. What did Jack whisper to Nina? In the script and during rehearsal Jack whispered “I will hunt you down every day for the rest of your life.” To genuinely surprise actress Kate Warner, at the last minute Kiefer whispered “Sarah, I love you. I wish you hadn’t married Xander – so we could be together.” Awesome.

Who are the bad guys in season 2 of 24?

The 10 Greatest Villains On 24, Ranked

  1. 1 Nina Myers. Nina (Sarah Clarke) was as evil as villains get.
  2. 2 Charles Logan. America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists?
  3. 3 Habib Marwan.
  4. 4 Victor Drazen.
  5. 5 Cheng Zhi.
  6. 6 Phillip Bauer.
  7. 7 Jonas Hodges.
  8. 8 Ramon Salazar.

Does Aaron Pierce die in 24?

By Day 6, Pierce was regularly spending time with Martha, but by Day 7, he was no longer with her and was residing in Washington, D.C….

Aaron Pierce
Children: (son)
Status: Alive
Played by: Glenn Morshower
Season(s): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Who killed Nina on 24?

Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer finally kills Nina Myers to get revenge for Teri’s death. Stephen Saunders controls the actions of President Palmer under the threat of releasing the virus if his demands aren’t met. One of the demands is the murder of Ryan Chappelle.

Why does Jack Bauer whisper?

During season 2 Jack whispers to Nina, he was supposed to say was “I will hunt you down every day for the rest of your life.” Kiefer Sutherland used that line in rehearsals and in early takes, but for the take you see on TV he changed it, resulting in a genuine look of shock from Sarah Clarke.

What time does 24 Season 2 start?

Are the most dangerous of all.” Season 2 of 24 debuted on October 29, 2002 on the Fox Network….See also.

Previous season: Season 1 First episode: “8:00am-9:00am” Next season: Season 3
Preceded by: Findings at CTU Timeline: Day 2 Followed by: The Game

Who plays Aaron Pierce?

Glenn Morshower24
Aaron Pierce/Played by
Glenn Morshower (born Glenn Grove Bennett; April 24, 1959) is an American character actor. He is best known for playing Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce in 24 and Colonel (later General) Sharp Morshower in the Transformers film series. He has also appeared in many feature films and television series.

Does Secretary Heller die in 24?

Heller was left with a dead daughter, a Chief of Staff under arrest for treason and a deteriorating memory that would soon cause him to forget he even had a daughter, let alone that she died….

James Heller
Affiliation: United States government Charles Logan administration John Keeler administration United States Army

Does Jack daughter die in 24?

Audrey Boudreau, Jack’s former flame and the daughter of the President of the United States, was shot and killed, mirroring the season one death of Jack’s wife Teri Bauer.

Why did they kill Michelle Dessler?

During the first hour of Day 5, Michelle was killed by Conrad Haas, an assassin working under the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy. Michelle and Tony were being targeted due to their knowledge of Jack Bauer’s faked death, in an attempt to frame him for the murder of David Palmer.

Did Jack really kill Nina?

During the panic in CTU, Nina was cornered by Kim Bauer, who threatened to shoot her. Nina fearlessly raised her gun to shoot Kim but was interrupted when Jack shot her in the shoulder. Though Nina attempted to convince Jack that she was still of value alive, Jack shot and killed her.

Who are the bad guys in 24 Season 2?

The main antagonists in this act are Syed Ali, Joseph Wald, the Coral Snake unit, Marie Warner and Nina Myers.

Does Jack die on 24?

Jack learned from Palmer that Dale Spalding was sent to kill him. With help from Tony, Chloe, and Michelle, Jack managed to stage his own death and he walked away with a new identity.

Who is Jack Bauer in the TV show 24?

24 is a serial drama starring Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer about the efforts of the fictional Counter Terrorist Unit to protect the United States from terrorist plots. The episodes take place over the course of one hour, depicting events as they happen, in real time.

Who is the actor who plays Jack on House of cards?

David Corenswet plays Jack Castello. After graduating from the Juilliard School in 2016, he began guest starring in television series, including House of Cards in 2018. He has built a relationship with Hollywood director Ryan Murphy, who cast him in another Netflix series, The Politician, in 2019.

Who is the actor who plays Jack Morton?

Jake Manley, who appeared on NBC series Heroes Reborn and iZombie, stars as Jack Morton in the series. The 27-year-old actor is in his first lead role as Jack Morton and has an Instagram account. Add a comment… Instagram Who plays Alyssa Drake?

Who are the main characters in Season 1 of 24?

Season 1 main cast: (from left to right) Elisha Cuthbert, Leslie Hope, Kiefer Sutherland, Dennis Haysbert, and Sarah Clarke For a more thorough list, see List of 24 characters § 24: Season 1.