Who is Shama Sikander boyfriend?

Who is Shama Sikander boyfriend?

Shama Sikander REVEALS she is engaged to her boyfriend James Milliron – deets inside.

What does Sikandar Kher do?

Sikandar Kher/Professions

Where is Shama Sikander from?

Shama Sikander/Place of birth

Who is Sikander Kher real mother?

Kirron Kher
Sikandar Kher/Mothers

How can I contact Shama Sikander?

Shama Sikander Contact Details

  1. House Address: Makrana, Rajasthan, India.
  2. Phone Number: Not Known.
  3. Email Id: [email protected],[email protected] / [email protected] (Business Enquiries)
  4. WhatsApp Number: Not Known.
  5. Residence Address: Makrana, Rajasthan, India.
  6. Official Website: shamasikander.in.
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What is the age of Adah Sharma?

29 years (11 May 1992)
Adah Sharma/Age

Who is the father of Sikandar?

Gautam Berry
Sikandar Kher/Fathers

Is Adah Sharma male or female?

She says that she never imagined she would ever play a man in her life. The actress reportedly said that the film is a “romantic comedy. It is about a boy who falls in love with a girl and gets married to her. However, later he finds out that actually she is not a girl but she is a man.

Who is the father of Adah Sharma?

S.L. Sharma
Adah Sharma/Fathers

What is name of Sikandar horse?

Bucephalus or Bucephalas (/bjuːˈsɛfələs/; Ancient Greek: Βουκεφάλας, from βοῦς bous, “ox” and κεφαλή kephalē, “head” meaning “ox-head”) ( c. 355 BC – June 326 BC) was the horse of Alexander the Great, and one of the most famous horses of antiquity.

When did Sikandar came to India?

326 BC
Alexander’s Invasion In 326 BC, Alexander invaded India, after crossing the river Indus he advanced towards Taxila. He then challenged king Porus , ruler of the kingdom between the rivers Jhelum and Chenab.

Is Adah Sharma a billionaire?

She was born on 11 May 1992 in Mumbai, India….Adah Sharma Age & Biography:

Famous Name: Adah Sharma
Birthplace: Mumbai, India
Nationality: Indian
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Net Worth: $ 1.1 Million Dollars (As in 2021)
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How old is Adah?

What does Bucephalus mean in English?

Why is Bucephalus so famous?

Bucephalus was Alexander’s horse and one of the most famous horses in world history. He was described as being black with a large white star on his forehead. The horse’s name is a combination of the Greek words “bous,” meaning ox and “kephalos,” meaning head, perhaps a nod to the horse’s intractable nature.

James Milliron
Shama Sikander Height, Weight, Age, Affairs, Family, Biography & More

Boys, Affairs and More
Marital Status Unmarried
Affairs/Boyfriends Alexx O’Nell
Fiance James Milliron

Who is Sikandar Kher father?

What is the age of Shama Sikander?

40 years (4 August 1981)
Shama Sikander/Age

Is Sikander Anupams son?

Sikandar is the son of actors Anupam and Kirron Kher. He often shares videos with them for his fans on Instagram. Sikandar has starred in films such as Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey (2010), Players (2012), Aurangzeb (2013), Romeo Akbar Walter (2019) and will be seen in the upcoming Sooryavanshi.

What does Sikander mean?

Sikandar is the Persian rendition of the name Alexander. When the Greek emperor Alexander the Great conquered Persia, the Persians called him Sikandar, meaning “defender” or “warrior”. It is a variant of Iskandar.

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How old is Shweta Tiwari?

40 years (4 October 1980)
Shweta Tiwari/Age

How old is Mouni Roy?

35 years (28 September 1985)
Mouni Roy/Age

Which is the first movie of Sikandar Kher?

Sikandar Kher (31 October 1982) is an Indian actor. He made his acting debut with the film, Woodstock Villa (2008). In the subsequent years, Kher went to be a part of multi-starrers such as Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey, Players, Aurangzeb, Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive and The Zoya Factor.

Which is the last movie of Shama Sikander?

Her last theatrical release, a Bollywood thriller, Bypass Road was released on 8 November 2019. Shama Sikander was born in Makrana, Rajasthan, India, and is the daughter of Gulshan, a housewife and Sikander Gesawat who was a marble supplier and now practices ayurveda.

When did Sikander become a TV show host?

Beginning in 2007 Sikander also featured as a TV program Host – first of entertainment channel Zoom ‘s Popkorn Newz for a single season, and then in 2008, as the host of the STAR One travel-contest program Jet Set Go.

How did Shama Sikander get into the Bollywood industry?

While working to establish herself in Mumbai ‘s Bollywood industry, Sikander traveled hours, daily from the outskirts of the city to attend auditions, often accompanied by her brother, Rizwan Sikander, also an actor.