Who is on the cover of Warriors dawn of the clans?

Who is on the cover of Warriors dawn of the clans?

Squirrelpaw is the cat depicted on the reprinted cover. It features Squirrelpaw and Leafpaw as the main protagonists.

Is SkyClan in Dawn of the clans?

Dawn of the Clans is a prequel arc, and the fifth arc, of the Warriors series. It follows the Early Settlers as they move from the mountains down to the forest and start the five Clans, ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, SkyClan, and ShadowClan. It features Gray Wing, Thunder, and Clear Sky as the main protagonists.

How did one eye die in Warriors?

Pretending otherwise just causes heartache…and sickness. It’s Sparrow Fur. One Eye attacked her, and when Tom tried to intervene, One Eye killed him.

How many books are in Warriors Dawn of the clans?

The fifth series, Warriors: Dawn of the Clans, consists of six books: The Sun Trail (5 March 2013), Thunder Rising (5 November 2013), The First Battle (8 April 2014), The Blazing Star (4 November 2014), A Forest Divided (7 April 2015), and Path of Stars (1 September 2015). The arc centers around the formation and early days of the Clans.

Who is the author of the Warriors series?

Browse all of the Warriors books by Erin Hunter, the author of Seekers & Survivors. Dawn of The Clans. Return to the dawn of the Clans to discover how the warrior cat Clans came to be. Warriors. Enter the wild with the original Warriors series by bestselling author Erin Hunter.

How many books have been sold of warriors?

As of January 2019, over 40 million books have been sold. This is the fifth arc of Warriors . The series revolves around the time prior to and of the origin of the five Clans, and explains how they came to be. It takes place long before any previous arc, even before the start of the Clans.

Who are the spirit cats in Warriors Dawn of the clans?

Warriors: Dawn of the Clans. The ghosts of the fallen cats known as ‘spirit cats’ return to tell the fighting cats to “unite or die”. Clear Sky is struck with guilt and grief. In the fourth book, The Blazing Star, rogues (non-Clan cats) join the groups and One Eye, a rogue tries to take control of the forest.