Who is Mr Patch withers in a separate peace?

Who is Mr Patch withers in a separate peace?

Patch-Withers. The substitute headmaster of Devon during the summer session. Mr. Patch-Withers runs the school with a lenient hand.

What happens with Finny at the tea?

Finny breaks his leg. The narrator feels guilty.

Does Gene kill Finny?

Gene spends the rest of the day in school activities, but returns to the infirmary at five o’clock to check on Finny after the surgery to set his leg. There he learns from Dr. Stanpole that marrow from the broken bone had leaked into the bloodstream during the operation and traveled to Finny’s heart, killing him.

What does Gene realize at the end of chapter 2?

Gene realizes in Chapter 2 of A Separate Peace by John Knowles that “Phineas was the essence of this careless peace,” the reminder of what peace is like with the threat of war hovering over the adults.

Why is it difficult for gene to express his feelings for Finny at the beach?

Although Gene and Phineas are best friends, Gene hides his emotions because he doesn’t trust the relationship due to its competitive nature. Gene is intimidated by Phineas because Finny is charismatic and athletic. Finny can get any adult or student to do what he wants them to do or agree with him on any topic.

Why does Gene flunk his test?

Because of the beach trip, Gene does not have time to study, and does indeed fail a test. Gene is super upset about this, and takes all of his bitterness out on Finny, concluding that Finny is distracting Gene on purpose in order to make him fail.

What secret does Finny keep?

Phineas just wanted to see if he could break the record or not for his own sake. He didn’t want any public attention or cameras or news. Gene takes this as a challenge – another badge on Phineas’ belt of achievements to keep him above Gene.

Why did leper say he chose to leave military?

Leper goes AWOL (away without leave) before the army discharges him as a “Section Eight”, signifying that he is unfit for service due to mental illness. Going AWOL is a serious offense, but Leper does not want to be branded as a mental case for the rest of his life.

What is the club called in a separate peace?

The Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session
They formed a club called The Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session. To become a member, you have to jump off of a limb of a tree into the river.