Who is mana to Atem?

Who is mana to Atem?

For the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s World Championship 2009 character, see Mana (WC09). Mana (マナ Mana) is a childhood friend of Atem and Mahad and studies magic under Mahad as his apprentice. She is a light-hearted, open, playful and caring girl, who shares a deep bond between her master and Atem.

Who is Atem’s love interest?

Mana is always portrayed as excitable, loving, caring, and supportive to all her family and friends. She’s also usually portrayed as Atem’s girlfriend and ends up in a Dark Magician Girl outfit one way or another.

Is Pharaoh Atem related to Yugi?

Yugi is the far, far, far descendant of Atem. He is so similar in motives and his inclination towards the Shadow Games to the Pharoah that he is basically the best candidate to resolve the issues of the Egyptian past and fulfill the destiny of Atem.

Are Mahad and Mana siblings?

Portrayals. Mahad is always portrayed as very protective of his little (step) sister, Mana. He’s also often portrayed as an ally of the Pharaoh’s at some point and usually ends up inside the Dark Magician outfit one way or another (via death more often than not).

How did Pharaoh Atem become heir to the throne?

Atem became heir to the Egyptian throne and the Millennium Pendant. During his childhood he befriended Mana and was protected by Mahad. In one incident, Atem was attacked by a snake, but Mahad took the hit for the young prince. Atem then saved him by sucking the venom out.

What did Mana do on her date with Atem?

Mana then explained that it wasn’t a date with Atem, Mahad getting a date with Isis, or Seto and Kisara getting married, though she thought the last one was true until Darin explained that he was still guessing. Mana then said good-bye and left. The next day Mana, as the Dark Magician Girl, jumped up and hugged Darin around the stomach.

How did Pharaoh Atem wake up from his nightmare?

Atem was awoken by a nightmare of Mahad dying in battle at the hands of Bakura. He and Mana went to Mahad’s monster tablet and realized that he was in a battle with Bakura. The two headed to the spell-castors’ training grounds where Atem’s troopers were being attacked by Bakura’s followers.

Who is the modern day version of Pharaoh Atem?

Atem, Pharaoh. Atem is an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who had sealed his own spirit/soul within the mystical Millennium Pendant. His spirit then took on the identity of Yami Yugi, which resided in the body of Yugi Muto, after Yugi solved the Millennium Puzzle. It was stated once that Yugi is the modern day version of Atem..