Who is Jimmy in Retrieved Reformation?

Who is Jimmy in Retrieved Reformation?

Jimmy Valentine is the protagonist of the short story “A Retrieved Reformation.” He is an ex-convict safecracker who got out of his four-year prison sentence early due to criminal connections. He intends to continue his lucrative life of crime until a chance encounter with a banker’s lovely daughter.

What did Jimmy Valentine do?

Jimmy Valentine assumed a new name Ralph D. Spenser at Elmore. Jimmy opened an exclusive shoe-store at Elmore. Jimmy opened a shoe-store and secured a good run of it.

Who was Jimmy Valentine in the story?

Jimmy Valentine is the alias of an infamous safe cracker who has just been sentenced to prison for four years for his crimes. He does not stay locked up for long, though, as he is released after ten months. When he is released, he packs his state of the art, custom robbery tools and commits several more robberies.

What kind of man is Jimmy Valentine?

Mental Characteristics: Jimmy Valentine is an intelligent and elegant man. Jimmy likes to have money, so he can be nicely dressed and buy what he wants. In order for Jimmy to get that money he needs to be intelligent. He knows how to keep police off his back so he doesn’t get caught.

What goes wrong with the new Safe Jimmy Valentine?

One of the most painful realities that Jimmy Valentine did in Henry’s short story is that he was a safe cracker. He broke into safes and vaults that were not his and took money that did not belong to them. Another “bad” thing that Valentine did was steal money.

What makes Jimmy Valentine a successful burglar?

Q. What characteristics make Jimmy Valentine a successful burglar? I. He easily opens safes using his set of tools.

Who was Ben Price in the story Jimmy Valentine?

Ben Price is the detective who successfully has arrested Jimmy Valentine and secured his conviction and prison sentence. As the primary investigator of the Jimmy Valentine case, Ben Price has come to understand the strategies and modus operandi of Jimmy Valentine.

What crimes did Jimmy Valentine commit?

Jimmy is caught red-handed, breaking into a bank vault and using all his incriminating safecracking tools. If Jimmy was sentenced to four years in prison for a single safecracking job in Springfield, Illinois, it seems likely that he could get twelve years for the three jobs he committed after his release.

What is the actual title of the story Jimmy Valentine?

A Retrieved Reformation”, The film is based on the 1903 O. Henry story “A Retrieved Reformation”, which was turned into the 1910 play Alias Jimmy Valentine by Paul Armstrong.