Who is Curtis Jackson baby momma?

Who is Curtis Jackson baby momma?

50 Cent is cool, calm and collected after spotting Sean “Diddy” Combs with model Daphne Joy, the mother of his 8-year-old son, Sire. The Queens rapper — whose real name is Curtis Jackson — shared a paparazzi shot of Combs with Joy to his Instagram page.

Who does 50 Cent have a kid with?

Marquise Jackson
Sire Jackson
50 Cent/Otroci
Personal life. On October 13, 1996, Jackson’s girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins, gave birth to son Marquise Jackson. Tompkins later sued Jackson for $50 million, saying he promised to take care of her for life.

Does 50 Cent have a relationship with his son?

The relationship between rapper turned television mogul 50 Cent and his son Marquise remains estranged. The two have a long and complex history dating back to Marquise’s childhood and unfortunately, it’s all played out publicly.

Does 50 cents have a son?

50 Cent/Sinovi
Marquise Jackson is 50 Cent’s eldest son. 50 Cent also has a 7-year-old son with model, Daphne Joy.

Is 50 Cent still with his first baby momma?

Unfortunately, the relationship he has with the mother of his first son is bitter, to say the least. 50 Cent’s girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins, gave birth to the ex-couple’s only son, Marquise Jackson, in October 1996. Sadly, their romance ended, and things got very rough between the two.

What happened between 50 Cent and Daphne Joy?

50 and Joy reportedly started dating in 2011, and welcomed their first and only child together—a baby boy named Sire—in 2012. About a year after the birth, 50 was charged with domestic violence after he allegedly ransacked Joy’s bedroom and kicked her during an argument.

What happened between 50 Cent and his son?

In a 2014 interview with Philly’s Morning Show with Shamara and Laiya, 50 Cent claimed his son “embraced his mom’s perspective on me,” which ruined their relationship. Shaniqua denied the allegations, blaming 50 for mentally abusing their child.

Why did 50 break up with Daphne?