Who has played Robin in order?

Who has played Robin in order?

Portrayals. Robin (Dick Grayson) was portrayed by Douglas Croft and Johnny Duncan, respectively, in the 1943 and 1949 fifteen chapter Batman serials. Burt Ward played him in the 1966–1968 Batman television series and the related 1966 film.

Who played Robin alongside Adam West?

Burt Ward
Burt Ward, who played Robin in the 1960s series “Batman,” was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, right next to that of the late Adam West. HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES — It’s taken more than 50 years, but the man who played Batman’s sidekick, Robin, has earned a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Which Robin was in the Batman and Robin movie?

Directed by Joel Schumacher and written by Akiva Goldsman, it stars George Clooney replacing Val Kilmer as Bruce Wayne / Batman, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Victor Fries / Mr. Freeze, and Chris O’Donnell reprising his role as Dick Grayson / Robin, alongside Uma Thurman, Alicia Silverstone, Michael Gough, Pat Hingle, and …

Who played the best Robin?

Batman’s best Robins of all time

  1. Dick Grayson. (Image credit: DC Comics)
  2. Damian Wayne. (Image credit: DC Comics)
  3. Tim Drake. (Image credit: DC Comics)
  4. Carrie Kelley. (Image credit: DC Comics)
  5. The Pre-Crisis Earth-2 Robin. (Image credit: DC Comics)
  6. Stephanie Brown. (Image credit: DC Comics)
  7. Helena Wayne.
  8. Bruce Wayne, Jr.

Is the original Robin from Batman still alive?

Adam West and Burt Ward reprised their TV roles of Batman and Robin in the 20th Century Fox film Batman: The Movie released on July 30, 1966. Ward remained friends with West until his death on June 9, 2017, at age 88. Ward is the last surviving main cast member of Batman.

Who is the Robin that died?

The vote was set up in the four-part story “A Death in the Family” that was published in Batman #426–429 in 1988. At the end of Batman #427, Jason was beaten by the Joker and left to die in an explosion.

Why did Val Kilmer not do Batman and Robin?

According to the outlet’s source at the time, Kilmer quit Batman & Robin when he learned it was due to begin shooting less than a month after he’d be done working on The Saint. Rather than going through more trouble to accommodate him, Warner Bros. released him from his contract in response.

Who is the most dangerous Robin?

Nightwing is still the deadliest Robin that Batman has ever trained. Like Bruce, young Dick Grayson lost his parents to murder. Richard John Grayson was born into a family of acrobats. The Flying Graysons were a family acrobatic troupe that worked for a circus.

Did Harley Quinn kill Robin?

Harley Quinn didn’t murdered Robin by herself. The she and Joker did it together. Harley Quinn was the Jokers accomplice.

What happened to the original Robin?

The Joker kills Robin, beating him to death with a crowbar. Batman finds his sidekick and pulls him from a building that’s about to explode, but it’s too late to save the kid from the lethal beating administered by the Clown Prince of Crime.

Did a Robin die?

In 1988 Batman fans watched as Jason Todd, the second Robin, was murdered after a fan vote – which became one of DC’s biggest mistakes. In 1988, DC made comic book history when Batman lost a Robin, beaten and left to die in an explosion by Joker.

Who was the first Robin to die?

Jason Todd
The original dead Robin was Jason Todd, the troubled delinquent who took over when the first Robin retired.

Why did they replace Val Kilmer?

While Burton’s two movies performed successfully at the box office and received generally positive reviews from critics and fans, Warner Bros. felt they were too violent and inappropriate for children, so they asked him to step down for the third movie.