Who first visits Scrooge in office?

Who first visits Scrooge in office?

Scrooge is visited by Marley He refuses to believe his eyes, but then Marley’s ghost appears and frightens Scrooge by rattling his chains. He tells Scrooge he will be haunted by three spirits.

Why is Bob Cratchit cold at the office?

Bob Cratchit at Work Scrooge’s door is open so he can keep constant vigil on the clerk. Scrooge is so stingy that Bob Cratchit is forced to work in his office with only a small fire for warmth because Scrooge will only provide him with a small amount of coal.

Plot Summary (6) An elderly miser learns the error of his ways on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, an old miser named Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by the spirit of his former partner, Jacob Marley.

Why does Scrooge’s nephew come to visit him at his office?

Scrooge treats his clerk poorly and harshly. Why does Scrooge’s nephew come to the office to visit? Scrooge nephew came to his office because he wan to tell him Merry Christmas and invite him to dinner. The portly man and he thin man go visit Scrooge because they want him to donate money to the poor.

Who was Scrooge’s relative?

Ebenezer Scrooge
Portrayed by see below
Gender Male
Occupation Businessman
Relatives Fanny or Fan (late sister) Fred (nephew)

Who was the first ghost to visit Scrooge?

The first ghost to visit Scrooge was that of his business partner, Jacob Marley. Later Scrooge was visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to Come A Christmas CarolCharles DickensChristmasWhite House

What did the two men who entered Scrooge’s office after?

After Scrooge’s nephew visited him, two gentlemen entered. They greeted Scrooge and asked him for donations for the poor. They explained the plight of the poor in the city. Scrooge asked them if there were still prisons and workhouses for the poor to go to. The men told him that yes, those places were still there.

What did the portly gentlemen do to Scrooge?

After Scrooge’s nephew leaves his office, having been roundly scolded, two “portly gentlemen” arrive. It is Christmas Eve, and these two kindhearted men are collecting money for the poor and destitute. They explain to Scrooge that many lack basic necessities this time of year. Scrooge refuses to believe it.

Where does Ebeneezer Scrooge first see Marley face?

Jacob Marley, Ebeneezer Scrooge’s old partner was the first visitor on Christmas Eve. He came to tell Scrooge how after his death, he was doomed to haunt the earth while carrying the weight of many chains because he was greedy while on earth. He warns Scrooge that his fate will be even worse unless he changes.