Who felt sorry for Scrooge?

Who felt sorry for Scrooge?

10) Someone Scrooge saw thought he was a “comical old fellow.” He said he felt sorry for Scrooge, that he was the one who really suffered for his own ill whims. Others said they had no patience with him. Who were these people? Scrooge’s nephew and nieces said these things.

Is it possible to feel any sympathy for Scrooge at the end of the first stave?

Sympathy for Scrooge Dickens creates very little sympathy for Scrooge during the first stave. Scrooge is seen as the pantomime villain for whom no one can feel sorry.

How does Scrooge feel by the end of Stave 2?

The ghost of Christmas Past leads Scrooge to the window. Scrooge tries to resist, thinking he will fall out of the window, but the ghost tells him to merely touch his hand and he won’t fall. He feels like he is surrounded by ghostly “odours”, full of hopes and memories just like he is.

What was strange about time at the start of stave 2?

Scrooge awakes at midnight, which leaves him baffled–it was well after two a.m. when he went to bed. Initially, he thinks he has slept through an entire day or that it’s actually noon and the sun has merely gone under some sort of cover.

What was Scrooge’s relationship with his sister what happened to her?

In the novel, we also find out that Scrooge did have a sister, once upon a time: when the Ghost of Christmas Past takes Scrooge back in time to his childhood, we meet “little Fan”. She was a loving sister, kind-hearted but delicate; and she grew up to have a son (Scrooge’s nephew) before she died.

Why does Fred feel bad for Scrooge?

Fred, Scrooge’s nephew, is a kind character who only feels pity for Scrooge. He says, “I couldn’t be angry with him if I tried.” He feels that Scrooge doesn’t hurt anyone with his miserly and isolated behavior but himself. He knows that Scrooge has nowhere else to go, save his…

What does Fred say to Scrooge?

The first time Fred is seen is on page 5 when he greets Scrooge with, “A merry Christmas, Uncle! God save you!” Scrooge’s reply is “Bah! Humbug!” The statement Fred makes shows that he cares about even the coldest beings.

Why is Scrooge afraid of the ghost of Christmas present?

This might remind you of the little child Ignorance that stepped out from under the Ghost of Christmas Present’s robe – Scrooge is, in a sense, protecting himself with his ignorance. But he is also hurting both himself and the world. Scrooge realizes the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is looking at him again, and feels a new surge of terror.

Why does Scrooge say he misses his family?

The lexical semantic field choice of the noun ‘home’ illustrates to the reader that it is not only Scrooge that miss his family but also that he had a good relationship with his sister – once-upon-a-time.

What does Fred say to Scrooge on Christmas Day?

Fred comes around the day before Christmas to invite his uncle to dine at his house on Christmas Day. Scrooge responds in a very hostile way to the invitation, telling his nephew that Christmas is a waste of time and that it has never done his nephew any good.

How does Charles Dickens create sympathy towards Scrooge?

To make matters worse, he cannot bear the fact that Belle’s husband commented upon seeing Scrooge as being ‘quite alone in the world’ to which Scrooge replied “Spare me your pity!” it has alread affected Scrooge as he demands in a somewhat ‘broken voice’ to be removed from the scene.