Who does the English voice of Krillin?

Who does the English voice of Krillin?

Sonny Strait
Sonny Strait (born June 28, 1965 in Kaufman, Texas, USA) is an American comic book artist and voice actor. He’s known for voicing: Krillin in Dragon Ball, Maes Hughes in Fullmetal Alchemist, Ragnarok in Soul Eater and Usopp in One Piece.

Who does Sonny Strait voice in fairy tail?

Sonny Strait is a voice actor known for voicing Korosensei, Maes Hughes, and Krillin.

Who is the English VA for Koro Sensei?

Sonny Strait is the English dub voice of Korosensei in Assassination Classroom, and Jun Fukuyama is the Japanese voice.

Why was Sonny Strait replaced as present mic?

See the list of new English voice actors as they appear this second season. **Due to vocal strain, Dave Trosko has taken over the role of Present Mic from Sonny Strait. Luci Christian will play the role of Recovery Girl in Season 2, as Juli Erickson has moved and is unavailable to continue the role.

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What is Krillin’s last name?

Krillin (クリリン, Kuririn) is the life-long best friend of Goku….

Anime Name Krillin
Manga Name Kuririn
Alternate Names Kulilin Kurilin Kurilyn Kliliyn Kullin Kririn Krilan (Polish dub) Kurin (Malaysian dub) Bongo (Harmony Gold dub)
Race: Human

What is Gohan’s last name?


Son Gohan
Aliases The Great Saiyaman The Golden Warrior
Species Saiyan/human hybrid
Occupation Scholar
Family Bardock (paternal grandfather) Raditz (paternal uncle) Gine (paternal grandmother) Ox-King (maternal grandfather) Goku (father) Chi-Chi (mother) Goten (younger brother)

Who is the voice of L in Death Note?

Kento YamazakiDeath Note
Kappei YamaguchiDeath Note
Lawliet/Diisi suara oleh
In the anime adaptation, he is voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi in Japanese, and by Alessandro Juliani in English. He is portrayed by Kenichi Matsuyama in the live-action film series, by Kento Yamazaki in the TV drama, and by Lakeith Stanfield in the American film.

Is present MIC deaf?

-it’s pretty well known, after graduation, that hizashi “present mic” yamada is completely deaf. he has an enormous fanbase of deaf and hoh listeners.

Is present MIC afraid of bugs?

Hizashi is terrified of winged bugs, especially moths! Neither of them can handle scary bugs. They’ll both guard the room the creepy crawly is in and not take their eyes off it while they’re coming up with a good strategy for removal. Hizashi is the first to suggest calling Aizawa for help.

How does Krillin and 18 have a baby?

How exactly did Android 18 and Krillin have a baby? Android 18 isn’t exactly an android, she’s specifically a cyborg. She was human once but Dr.Gero remodeled her and added cybernetics. Gero left her human enough to conceive a child. And so she did with Krillin.

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What are the six dots on Krillin’s head for?

He does not possess a visible nose, and has six spots of moxibustion burns on his forehead, a reference to the practice of Shaolin monks.

Is Broly Goku’s brother?

Broly was born on the same day as Bardock’s son, Kakarot (who would later become known as Son Goku, the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball series), and while Kakarot was born with a very low power level of 2, Broly was born with an amazing power level of 10,000.

Is Xicor Goku’s son?

Xicor, also known as Zaiko, is the main antagonist of Toyble’s Dragon Ball AF. He is the actually the youngest son of Goku, due to deceitfulness and trickery casted by the vengeful Western Supreme Kai. Thus making him part Saiyan and part Kai.

Does karma like Nagisa?

Nagisa Shiota. Nagisa is Karma’s first and closest friend. Karma also enjoys teasing Nagisa and often has many creative methods to do so; many of which poke fun at his androgynous appearance.

Why did Nagisa kiss Kayano?

Korosensei decided to let her attack his main weak point, so one of the students can distract Kayano from her bloodlust. Then, Nagisa kissed Kayano to calm her bloodlust, getting 15 hits on her. After that, Kayano started to drown in her romantic feelings for him.

Who voices usopp in the dub?

Kappei Yamaguchi (Toei Animation)
Sonny Strait (Funimation)
Usopp/Voiced by

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L/Voiced by

Is usopp black?

Some users proposed that Luffy could be of mixed Japanese/Brazilian descent, considering the country has the largest overseas population of Japanese, while an overwhelmingly large number of posters were disappointed that Usopp was African instead of Indian or Italian.

Who is the voice actor for Sonny Strait?

Don Rafael ” Sonny ” Strait Jr. (born June 28, 1965) is an American voice actor and screenwriter at Funimation, known for his work on a number of English versions of Japanese anime series. He is also a comic book creator.

How many times has Sonny Strait been married?

Strait has been married three times. He married Davina Lynn Copsy on June 26, 1986. They divorced on April 7, 1992. On June 20, 1992, Strait married Alicia Lang Leath. Strait’s second marriage ended in divorce on November 15, 1995. In 2002, Strait married his third wife, Gayla Jackson.

Who is Sonny Strait from Dragon Ball Z?

Sonny Strait was born on June 28, 1965 in Kaufman, Texas, USA as Don Rafael Strait Jr. He is known for his work on Dragon Ball Z: Doragon bôru Z – Kami to Kami (2013), Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection “F” (2015) and Dragon Ball Z Kai (2009). He is married to Gayla Jackson. He was previously married to Alicia Lang Leath and Davina Lynn See full bio »

Who are the main characters in Sonny Strait?

Anime Year Title Role Notes 2018 Katana Maidens Shibata 2018 Pop Team Epic Popuko Episode 2B (male voice) 2019 Fire Force Joker 2019 Fruits Basket (2019) Demon King