Who did 50 Cent have a kid with?

Who did 50 Cent have a kid with?

Marquise Jackson
Sire Jackson
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Personal life. On October 13, 1996, Jackson’s girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins, gave birth to son Marquise Jackson. Tompkins later sued Jackson for $50 million, saying he promised to take care of her for life.

Who was 50 cents first child?

Marquise Jackson is 50 Cent’s eldest son. 50 Cent also has a 7-year-old son with model, Daphne Joy.

Who is the mother of 50 Cent second child?

Who is Shaniqua Tompkins, 50 cent’s baby mama? She dated 50 Cent in the 90s.

Is pop smoke 50 cents son?

50 Cent’s son, Marquise Jackson, has revealed that he ranks the late New York rapper, Pop Smoke, higher than his father in his ‘top rappers’ list.

Who was 50 cents first wife?

Jackson has never been married but does have two children with two different women. Jackson was with then-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins when they had their son Marquise Jackson in 1997. He previously dated actress Daphne Joy with whom he had son Sire Jackson together, who is now seven-years-old now.

Who was 50 Cent dad?

50 Cent was born left-handed to his late gangster mother, Sabrina Jackson, and a relatively unknown Father, Curtis James Jackson. Sabrina Jackson had him when she was just 15-years-old. 50 Cent was raised by a single mother in the rough neighborhood of Jamaica.

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Is Pop Smoke and 50 Cent related?

50 Cent and Pop Smoke are not related but did have a close friendship. In the wake of Pop Smoke’s death, 50 Cent has spoken multiple times about his friendship with the slain rapper in both interviews and on social media. At no point did 50 Cent mention anything about the pair being related.

How old was 50 Cent when his son was born?

One of his girlfriends Shaniqua Tompkins, gave birth to their son, Marquise Jackson on October 13, 1996. Daphne Joy was the other woman he dated for a while, and in 2012, his second son, Sire Jackson was born. Unlike many other artists James, did not start his career by rapping as he was drug dealer during 1980’s at a young age of 12.

Why was the mother of 50 Cent’s son killed?

Sabrina was killed mysteriously when her son was eight, perhaps the result of a drug war. Fifty Cent was raised by his grandmother, whom he adored. However, because she had nine other children in her charge, the boy spent a good deal of time on the streets.

Who was the woman that gave birth at 56?

Her youngest was 5, and she thought her dream might never come true. But then life took an unexpected turn. At 56, Tessa gave birth again.

Where did 50 Cent live most of his life?

Life of a drug dealer. Born Curtis Jackson, 50 Cent grew up in South Jamaica, a neighborhood of Queens, which is a borough of New York City.