Who buys the items stolen from the dead Scrooge?

Who buys the items stolen from the dead Scrooge?

When the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows Scrooge his future, one of the visions he produces is three people selling goods secretly to a fence named Old Joe. (A fence is a person who buys stolen goods.)

What did Scrooge think about when he saw the dead man?

When Scrooge saw the dead man he thinks the Spirit is trying to teach him a lesson. In other words, this man (on the bed) died unloved and alone and YOU will die the same way if you continue to live the way you do. Scrooge asks the Spirit to show him someone who felt emotion associated with this man’s death.

What did the businessmen say about Scrooge’s funeral?

The businessmen, which the Spirit first shows Scrooge say, ‘ “What has he done with his money?” ‘ and ‘ “It’s likely to be a very cheap funeral,” ‘ both references to Scrooge’s famous wealth and miserliness.

Why does the Ghost show Scrooge people stealing from him?

Most worrying of all, the ghost shows Scrooge a number of people stealing from the very same individual and passing on his stolen goods to a fence. Of course the dead man in question is Scrooge, as he eventually comes to realize. Two of the people involved in the theft work as domestics for Scrooge. Their theft from him is rather symbolic.

How does the spirit take Scrooge to the dead man’s room?

Then the spirit takes Scrooge to the dead man’s room. The body still lies in its curtain-less bed with the sheet concealing its face. The spirit points at the dead man as if Scrooge should pull back the sheet and know who it is, but Scrooge cannot do it. He is too frightened.

Where does the spirit take Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?

The spirit takes Scrooge to the room of the dead man. The spirit points to the covered up body, but Scrooge cannot bring himself to remove the cover. Scrooge asks the spirit to show him someone who feels some emotion over this man’s death. The spirit shows him a couple who were in debt to the man.

What does Ebenezer Scrooge say to the Dead Man?

Scrooge asks if these visions cannot be changed. The neglected grave of the dead man has the name Ebenezer Scrooge on the tombstone. Scrooge vows to be a better man than he was. He promises to honor Christmas all year round. He will remember the lessons he has learned. He clings to the hand of the spirit, pleading with it to have mercy.