Who betrays who in the Betrayal in the City?

Who betrays who in the Betrayal in the City?

Mulili betrays his colleague, Jere who gets arrested because he opposed the farmer’s brutality towards Doga and Nina, A part from his name-calling and callous nature; he gets Jere into trouble when all he wanted to do was to assist the old couple.

What dramatic techniques does Francis Imbuga use to convey the message in his play?

In Betrayal in the City, Francis Imbuga uses various stylistic devices to highlight his message. These include humour, irony, play-within-a-play, proverbs, songs, symbolism and satire. This article will discuss irony and play-within-a-play and a sample question.

When was Betrayal in the City written?

First published in 1976, this play from one of Africa’s foremost dramatists is in the classic cannon….

ISBN 9789966463609
Dimensions 203 x 127mm
Published 1976
Publisher East African Educational Publishers, Kenya
Format Paperback

Who wrote Betrayal in the City?

Francis D. Imbuga
Betrayal in the City: A Play/Authors
Imbuga. Francis Davis Imbuga (February 02, 1947 – November 18, 2012) was a Kenyan writer, playwright, literature scholar, teacher and professor at Kenyatta University. His works, including Aminata and Betrayal in the City, have become staples in the study of literature schools in Kenya.

Is Betrayal in the City a short story?

SHORT STORY: Betrayal in the city! – The East African.

Who are the characters in Betrayal in the City?

Different characters play different roles in the play Betrayal in the City, among them to develop themes and stylistic devices, developing other characters and propelling the plot. The main characters who play a significant role are Mulili, Tumbo, Jusper, Boss, Mosese and Jere.

What are some dramatic techniques?

What Are Dramatic Techniques in Literature?

  • Cliffhanger. The cliffhanger was popularized with serialized fiction and occurs when characters are left in precipitous situations, or have a revelation, as an episode of the serial ends.
  • Foreshadowing.
  • Pathos.
  • Plot Twist.
  • Ticking Clock Scenario.
  • Red Herring.

    What genre is betrayal in the city?

    Betrayal in the City: A Play/Gêneros
    Betrayal in the City Author: Francis Imbuga Date/place of 1st performance: 1975, Nairobi, Kenya Date of 1st publication: 1976 Genre: Drama in 3 acts Setting/time of action: Kafira, an imaginary independent African state, 1970s Cast: 10m, 2f, extras.

    Is betrayal in the city a short story?