Who are the main characters in A Retrieved Reformation?

Who are the main characters in A Retrieved Reformation?

A Retrieved Reformation Characters

  • Jimmy Valentine/Ralph D. Spencer.
  • Ben Price. An “eminent” police detective and the antagonist of “A Retrieved Reformation.”
  • Annabel Adams. The fiancée of Ralph D.
  • The Warden. The man in charge of the prison where Jimmy Valentine serves time after his arrest in Springfield.
  • Mike Dolan.
  • Mr.

    Who is the protagonist of Retrieved Reformation?

    In “A Retrieved Reformation,” Jimmy Valentine is the story’s protagonist. Jimmy is a skilled safe-cracker, and at the beginning of the…

    What are the main events of A Retrieved Reformation?

    Jimmy is released from prison after being caught robbing banks and starts robbing again within the first week. But on a job in Elmore, Jimmy’s life is changed. He burns his past, changes his name to Ralph Spencer, and begins to make an honest living. Annabel Adams, the woman that changed his life, agrees to marry him.

    Who is Ralph D Spencer?

    His love for Annabel changes Jimmy, and he adopts the identity of Ralph D. Spencer, an honest shoe salesman. As Ralph, Jimmy finally lives the straight life, wins the heart of Annabel, and gains the respect of her family and the entire town.

    Why does Ben Price let Jimmy go?

    Ben let him go because he was touched by Jimmy’s willingness to give up his life with his new bride in order to save a little girl’s life. That proved to him that Jimmy was trustworthy in his reformation, and worth giving a second chance.

    Did Ben price do the right thing?

    And as his judgment appears to be sound on the basis of all the available evidence, one would feel inclined to agree with his decision not to arrest Jimmy for his many crimes. Ben Price does the right thing in letting Jimmy Valentine go because the man is truly reformed from his life of crime.

    Why did Ben Price saunter casually inside?

    “Ben Price sauntered in and leaned on his elbow, looking casually inside between the railings. He told the teller that he didn’t want anything; he was just waiting for a man he knew.” So, he saw the entire thing.