Which YouTuber killed a dog?

Which YouTuber killed a dog?

YouTuber Nikki Phillippi
YouTuber Nikki Phillippi returned to social media following backlash over euthanizing her dog. In a July 14 video, she said that she was returning to YouTube and relaunching her Patreon. While she’s turning off comments on YouTube and Instagram, Patreon subscribers could comment.

What breed is Rhett’s dog?

Plot. On today’s Good Mythical Morning, Rhett tells Link how over the weekend he family dogsat a Great Dane named Waldo and a Golden Retriever named Gus for their friends Nick and Allison. He talked about how Waldo was very big compared to his tall 7 year old and how the two dogs slept in the house.

What dog is link?

Rhett & Link on Twitter: “Meet Link’s new dog, Jasper! 😍 #EarBiscuits… “

What breed is Link’s dog Jasper?

Jasper is a cute little spunky guy who is a blue ticked Australian Cattle dog, which is also known as a Blue heeler.

What is Nikki Phillippi salary?

More videos on YouTube Apart from this, she also runs her own official website. Nikki Phillippi earned a net worth of $4-6 million USD (approx.) from her career.

Did they actually shoot a dog in Old Yeller?

Yes and no. The dog in the story of Old Yeller was killed because it contracted rabies and there was no way to save it. The boy had to shoot his own dog because it would have otherwise died a horrible death and been a huge risk to anyone nearby. The actual dog that was in the movie was a trained actor.

Is Link divorced?

Link is equally married. His wife’s name is Christy Neal and they started dating when they were both in college. Christy attended an all-girls school, Meredith College, which was not far from Link’s school. They got married in 2000 and have three children together.

What is a sable dog?

What Is a Sable Color Dog Coat? The sable coat pattern is stunning, as the hair shaft is lighter at the base and darkens to the tip, giving it an ombre effect. The sable gene is dominant, meaning that only one sable gene is needed in a dog to carry out the coloring.