Which Robin is in Batman TAS?

Which Robin is in Batman TAS?

Dick Grayson

Voice actor Role
Loren Lester Dick Grayson / Robin
Clive Revill Alfred Pennyworth (first three episodes in production order)
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Alfred Pennyworth (the rest of the series)
Bob Hastings Commissioner James “Jim” Gordon

Why did Robin quit Batman TAS?

For Dick Grayson it was because he didn’t want to be in Batman’s shadow anymore. For Jason Todd after he was revived he didn’t go back to Batman because he wanted to get revenge. For Tim Drake actually Batman left for a short retirement pretending to be dead, and he became Red Robin to protect Gotham.

How many episodes is Robin in Btas?

32 Episodes

First appearance: Fear of Victory
Last appearance: Chemistry
Appears in: 32 Episodes & 1 Film
Robin Gallery

Is Tim Drake the Joker?

Life as Joker Jr. Tim Drake as Joker Jr. dispensed entrusted secrets to the Joker. As part of his final joke, Joker molded Drake into a crude version of himself and planned on having Drake deliver the killing blow to Batman. However, Joker didn’t completely succeed.

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Can Tim Drake beat Damian Wayne?

9 Defeat: Damian Wayne So difficult in fact that after being offered a room in the Manor, he instead chose to knock Alfred out and shove him into a closet, and challenged Tim to a fight. To his credit, Tim did quite well and actually knocked Damian off of his game several times.

Why does Joker hate Nightwing?

Why does the Joker hate Nightwing? Simply put to the Joker Grayson is one of the people who he feels threatens his criminal activities. That’s why he hates him. As Robin, Nightwing never feared Joker and managed to kick his butt alongside Batman.

Is Tim Drake smarter than Damian?

Now as you can see Nightwing and Red Hood are the strongest as they physically surpass both the other two. Damian Wayne is stronger than Tim Drake cause he’s more skilled and faster but are very very close as Tim is smarter. When Damian grows up he will surpass both the other two.

Who is the current Robin 2021?

Damian Wayne
In yet another sign the ’90s have returned with a vengeance, Tim Drake has officially reclaimed the mantle of Robin in the DC Universe. Interestingly, this story comes just one week after the release of Teen Titans Annual #2, which features Damian Wayne giving up the mantle of Robin.