Which Batman is Harvey Dent in?

Which Batman is Harvey Dent in?

Darkest Knight
In the Elseworlds story Batman: In Darkest Knight, Harvey Dent is the Gotham District Attorney and distrusts Green Lantern (who in this reality is Bruce Wayne) because of his vigilante tactics, made even worse due to Commissioner Gordon’s distrust of Lantern due to his sheer power.

Is Harvey Dent in the new Batman movie?

Harvey Dent Isn’t In The Batman (That We Know Of) However, come January, Warner Brothers confirmed Sarsgaard’s role as Gotham D.A. Gil Colson – an original character created by Reeves for his vision of the caped crusader.

Is Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight Rises?

Image Credit: Stephen VaughanSo Harvey Dent did die at the end of The Dark Knight after all. Some fans had speculated that his Two-Face would somehow be resurrected or awoken from a coma to seek vengeance on Batman in The Dark Knight Rises.

Where was Harvey Dent in Batman Begins?

Bruce Wayne (played by Christian Bale) hosts a campaign fundraising party for Harvey Dent (played by Aaron Eckhart) in his posh penthouse, located (in real life) at Hotel 71 at 111 East Wacker Drive. Unfortunately, the Joker (played by Heath Ledger) had other plans.

Is Harvey Dent older than Bruce Wayne?

He barely looks older than David Mazouz’s Bruce Wayne, am I right? He’s 34, which makes him the youngest of the live-action Harvey Dents, which also include Aaron Eckhart, Tommy Lee Jones and Billy Dee Williams.

Will there be a Batman with Two Face?

Since Robert Pattinson entered the bat-cave as the newest Batman, we’ve been waiting to see who will be stepping into the shoes of his arch-enemy, Two Face. And it seems no other than Matthew McConaughey has bagged the role.

Is Two Face in the new Batman?

While Oscar Isaac may not appear in a Batman film as Two-Face, he is set to star in and produce the adaptation of The Great Machine, Brian K. Vaughan’s Eisner Award-winning comic book which ran under the DC Comics imprint Wildstorm. Isaac is set to play Mitchell Hundred, the Mayor of New York City and former superhero.

Why was Batman blamed for killing Harvey Dent?

The answer is: Batman takes the fall for Harvey Dent’s murders, because the director and/or screenwriter wanted him to. Taking the blame for several murders doesn’t make any sense on Batman’s part. It can only make his attempts to fight crime in the future, much, much harder.

Who is Batman girlfriend?

Wonder WomanTalia al GhulVicki Vale
Batman/Partnerzy życiowi

Did Bruce Wayne have a sister Pennyworth?

With the couple now parents to a baby girl, this completely alters the Batman mythology because, in the comics, Bruce Wayne doesn’t have an older sister. In fact, it’s well-known that he is an only child. It’s possible Pennyworth just took a page from this story by introducing Bruce Wayne’s actual older sibling.

What is the real name of Bruce Wayne?

Bruce Wayne (Gotham)

Bruce Wayne The Dark Knight
Portrayed by David Mazouz (Original) Mikhail Mudrik (Older)
Voiced by David Mazouz (Older)
In-universe information
Full name Bruce Wayne

What is Bruce Wayne’s net worth?

Net Worth: $80 Billion Orphaned at a young age, Bruce Wayne inherited his family’s estate, which included multiple businesses, real estate, investments and stocks. With an $80 billion dollar estate behind him, he was able to focus on becoming the Batman and saving Gotham City.

Who will play two face?

And the latest addition to the growing cast is the one and only Matthew McConaughey. The Oscar-winning star has reportedly bagged the role of Batman’s archenemy, Gotham City District Attorney, Harvey Dent, who transforms into the infamous Two Face.

Will Firefly be in the Batman movie?

For the most part, Firefly aka Garfield Lynns is a pyromaniac pyrotechnician who falls victim to poverty like many of Gotham’s residents do and ultimately turns to crime. A Christmas Carol star Elliot Warren has joined the cast of the movie.

Did Rachel die in Batman?

Batman interrogates the Joker and learns that the lives of both Dent and Rachel are at stake. Rachel tells Dent that she wants to marry him. Batman arrives at Dent’s location in time to save him, but Gordon arrives at the other too late, and Rachel dies when the building explodes.

Image Credit: Stephen VaughanSo Harvey Dent did die at the end of The Dark Knight after all. Some fans had speculated that his Two-Face would somehow be resurrected or awoken from a coma to seek vengeance on Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. Not so.

Why did Harvey Dent not kill the Joker?

Originally Answered: Why doesn’t Harvey Dent kill Joker when he had the chance? Because he only wanted what was fair! He flips his coin and The Joker survives. Although the coin flip result wouldn’t have mattered because The Joker wouldn’t have let him shoot him anyway.

Will there be a Batman movie with two face?

Two-Face is a 2017 American animated direct-to-video superhero film produced by Warner Bros. Animation and distributed by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and a direct sequel to Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders.

By taking the blame, Batman made sure that a grieving Gotham would honor Harvey by passing his Dent act and allowing the police to preemptively destroy Gotham’s criminal underworld. Batman had always been morally flawed, and doubted and feared by the populace.

Who is Harvey Dent in Batman and Batman Forever?

Harvey Dent, later known as Two-Face, is a fictional character from the superhero films Batman (1989) and Batman Forever (1995), adapted DC Comics supervillain of the same name. In the first film, Harvey (played by Billy Dee Williams) is introduced as the newly elected district attorney of Gotham City, who vows to lock up crime boss Carl Grissom.

Who was Harvey Dent in the Dark Knight?

Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) utters those words memorably in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, not only coining a new quotable quote in cinematic history, but also providing the film with a central point of order. But what if instead of Dent living long enough to see himself become a Batman villain he instead died a hero?

How did Harvey Dent die in the comics?

When time runs out, Batman barely saves Harvey Dent from dying, and the explosion catches a trail of gasoline and burns half of Harvey’s face, scarring it for life. Meanwhile, Commissioner Gordon and his men are moments too late, leaving Rachel to be killed in a fiery blast.

Why did Batman let Harvey die in the Dark Knight?

Just as Harvey Dent thought that Batman let Rachel Dawes die in The Dark Knight’s course of established events, Rachel just might think that Bruce let Harvey die so she could fall into his arms. After all, Bruce Wayne isn’t above doing what he has to do in the business world to get what he wants.